Ousmane Dembélé


It would be stupid business to send 80-100 million to Barcelona when someone like Bailey is probably available for 50-60 million. If we would sign a winger we would have done it by now anyway.

The amount Barcelona payed for Malcom is pocket change for the big clubs these days anyway. That is not a transfer that forces Dembele to the bench.

@Castiel Rakitic and Suarez are there for 4 years or something like that. It’s not like they constantly change players. Like I said they have only 4 forwards without Malcom. They really needed another one to make up the numbers.


I’d spend 80-100 million on Dembele over 50-60 million on Bailey every single day of the week.


What has Dembele actually proven more than Bailey to justify that?


Apparantly Dembélé returned to training today a few days ahead of schedule


Same, I really struggle to believe it


This rumour has intensified off the back of that picture with Auba and co.

People will be disappointed yet again after being hoodwinked by these twitter muppets, they’ll be reading from the same script with their excuses when it doesn’t happen.


“…has confirmed to me…”
“I’ve been told…”
“There’s a source around the Emirates…”
“…our group were at the Emirates…”

Who is this mysterious leak lurking in and around the Emirates Stadium? Makes it sound like some KGB operative exchanging classified information to secure immunity like it’s the fucking Cold War.



So many leaky sources as well! Amazed we get any business done when they’re all so busy leaking their messes


This is really all of it.


Not happening, just twitter nobodies seeking rabid followers


So many fun sponges in here.

“It’s not going to happen”. Ok Buzz Killington… I mean, as if we all seriously believe we’re getting him. Especially based on a photo of him hanging out with his former teamteams. Dembele used to call Auba his “big brother” FFS. We’re well aware that him being at Auba’s house means nothing.

But hey, we can dream so let us have our fun!


If you’re not getting excited over a potential MADNESSSSSSS then cussing out everything when it turns out to be bollocks, why you even interested in football/still alive??? :iwobi:

I, for one, will 100% now get hyped before a comedown but I don’t care.


I don’t want to sell Ramsey, but i would be tempted to sell him to get Dembelé. With Matteo, Torreira, Smith Rowe and Xhaka we are fine in the middle.


I thought this c’nt played for Spurs


Why not get excited about signing MEssi then? It’s equally likely to happen.


It’s not equally likely though. Not even remotely.




Well I don’t agree but I suppose I can see your logic


Besides, we haven’t actively been linked with Messi so we’re talking apples and pears here. But yes, I’m struggling to get excited


Imo 0.01% > 0.00000001%