Ousmane Dembélé


They received €222 million from PSG…net spend last season was a little over €90 million.


I know they got big money for Neymar but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy with their huge investment in Dembele or want to throw another forty million at him when there are plenty of other exciting players they are interested in this year. If Dembele was doing what Mbappe has done this year then fair enough I’m sure they’d feel they made a savvy move, but he isn’t and I feel they don’t.

I mean it’s never like Barca or Real grow quickly bored of their toys in favour of something new and shiny.


Sounds like you’re trying to speak it into existence.

In the few games he played last season he was highly productive and he finished the season well, they would have taken to a long term view when signing him.

He was injured for a lot of the season which had plenty to do with not having a proper pre-season which they played their part, it’s not like he stunk up the joint playing a full season.


Haha you know I love my impossible transfer rumours but there’s definitely a lot of smoke atm. Chances are he’ll be a Barca player Aug 9th but if we have any slim chance to get him and if Barca have any doubts then we should capatilize because we absolutely have the funds to make it happen, loan or otherwise.

Barcelona haven’t exactly been resolute in their stance about Dembele this summer while they court every other RW on the transfer market and I don’t see the long term planning in making a 140 million quid player sit on the bench for 250k a week. Yes Barca are extremely wealthy but that’s not great business.


He will stay, but I think all it takes is for Valverde to call him the N word one more time…

With Wenger as CEO, it will be welcome Dembouz!!! ‘I always dreamed of playing for a team executively managed by Wenger!’


Ha, I’d love him here but I’m not seeing the smoke man.

They were always going to add a forward to the team so singing Malcom or another attacker was expected, Dembele was 20 when he signed is most definitely the kind of talent that can be a mainstay in a team of Barca’s standing for over a decade.

Looking to offload him after a season makes very little sense, apart from Mbappe I don’t think there’s a young talent out there that’s above him perhaps not even on par. They would be making a loss and also losing one of the best young talents around that’s destined for the top. The era of Messi will not go on forever and by signing the likes of Dembele and Coutinho they have secured their future IMO.

@Electrifying: That mug Valverde said what!?


Loool was just a joke based on this:

@Mods optimistic move :arteta:


Lol at Suarez intervening in a racial bust up. Horse shit story :arteta:


Not horse shit if Suarez took Valverde’s side in the argument!

I’m thinking Dembélé could be our deadline day signing this season!!! Bring on the MADNESS…


If Ornstein tweets his name I’ll move it. Even if it’s a denial.


@discobot fortune are we signing Dembers?


:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now


Typically fucking ITK response.


i mean optimistic to even move it to the rumour forum.


Signing Dembele would make it an extremely good summer for us but do we have the money to cough up? While I am not overly optimistic, the fact that we have Sven as our recruitment head, and we have a few of Dembele’s ex-teammates, makes you wonder if there is a chance that this might happen. A last minute loan deal perhaps, with the option of signing him next summer? Wouldn’t that just be the perfect end to the transfer window.


Well lads, better be sitting down for this, but looks like we are getting Dembele!!! Fuck Moley man, it’s all about LPM Super Agent.

Okay digging around some more, I’m starting to be really intrigued, could this really happen??





I just can’t see it


Madness! :henry2:


5 different twittererers can’t be wrong FFS!