Ousmane Dembélé

Where’s our Ousmane Dembélé? I feel like we deserve an Ousmane Dembélé


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He sent Rojo back to the slums of Argentina there, absolutely finessed him.

And to think we could have had a talent like that in the team rather than persisting with flops such as Chamberlain and Walcott.

Wenger is so fucking pathetic.

^ Didn’t he reject massive clubs like Barca because he thought Dortmund would be the best club for him to develop? Christ.

Are we a massive club like Barca?

No, didn’t think so.

It’s not just this one player though. When was the last time Wenger signed a promising youngster of the level of Dembélé, Coman or Martial? Players like this could have been signed in the past few years. Wenger should be able to identify these players, it’s meant to be one of his strengths. Instead we got Sanogo, that’s the level of “promising” player Wenger went for.


Its particularly annoying given how many top young talents have come out of France in recent years. We have the most famous French manager and a club with a reputation for developing French talents yet some how we have ended up with none of Martial, Coman, Dembele, Pogba, Griezmann, Varane, Augustin, Fekir, Zouma, Rabiot, or Laporte. Meanwhile, we persist with the British Core strategy…


Wenger is the biggest hipster in football. He doesn’t want the youngsters everyone else wants. He wants to unearth a gem and say ‘‘yep I did that’’. It’s a massive ego thing thing.


There’s one youngster in France we almost had this summer as his contract was running out, but Monaco assured him of first team football this coming season and he renewed. Kylian M’bappé, 17-year-old broke Thierry Henry’s record as Monaco’s youngest ever goalscorer, and is currently tearing the u19 European championships as the top scorer tied with Jean-Kévin Augustin.

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Well it’s either that or saying many years after they break through and become stars that he could have signed them for a croissant.

I was just talking about Dembele specifically. I agree with you. That’s definitely a fair critique of Wenger.

Tearing it up in pre-season

Still holds true lol


Shame the Griezmann thing didn’t happen, no chance of this unfortunately no matter what Moley says.


Was not a chance of this happening regardless IMO.

He’s a top tier talent and they knew it’s a signing that you take the long term view of it paying off for over a decade.

I expect a very good season from him now that he’s settled and injury free.

I fear for him under clown Valverde. Such a good talent, he’s the future with Mbappé but I really worry he won’t properly showcase his talent until a new manager comes along/he moves to another club. Willian will certainly end up being preferred to him this season, and let’s see what happens with his confidence…

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I think he’s the type that can do it in spite of the ability of his manager, he does need to learn to protect the ball more effectively though.

He turns it over too much.

I thought that too, but I think he’s maybe not got quite the personality, plus you ultimately end up deferring to Messi at Barça. We’ll see, I hope you’re right, I’d love to see him show his stuff, or most importantly have the trust and platform to show his stuff–will be hard to watch Barça without Iniesta, with a declining Suárez, and above all under Valverde, if not. The Willian transfer did in fact happen, no?

He does seem the quiet type but then so are the likes of Hazard and KDB.

I don’t think the William thing is done and dusted, such a strange target for Barca. Playing him over Dembele would be criminal but like you said I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s Valverde after all.

I hope they realise he needs a lot of game time to fulfil his potential, riding the bench would be doing him a disservice.

Willian does sound like a Valverde move. Eurgh :xhaka: