Ousmane Dembélé


He really does, and he also sounds like a Valverde nailed on starter haha.


We’ll see how long Dembele likes riding the bench then. Too bad for him when he could be here with his best pals and be a hero and the pride of London.




Kike Marin? :gabriel:






Stop it.


Yes! Dembele is cedido’ing to Arsenal, exactly the news I fully understand and was hoping for!


Moving this to the players section.


How does Moley know this stuff is going down like months before any of these main stream guys start sqwuaking about it? :thinking::thinking: Moley knows…




Of course, they don’t have many choices upfront so they must keep him.



Is all this noise about Dembele actually real?

Seems like it’s being driven by the press.


One of the replies



Sure, if you can call these bootleg ITK’s the press lol.


God, as much as I’d like to like Kike Marín, being a donostiarra, the guy really represents the worst of spanish smoke merchant football journalism. Such a bullshitter.


Prepare for madness, Moley won’t let us down.


Permanent or loan? Guess the latter would be more likely.


Iniesta and Paulinho are gone, Rakitic is old. I reckon Coutinho is going to make a lot of minutes on the midfield if he didn’t already; leaving them with Messi, Suarez, Dembele, Paco and Malcom as forward options. I’m sure Dembele doesn’t need to worry about making his minutes.