Ousmane Dembélé



Oh Ousmane you flirt! :kissing_heart:


What other reason could Dembele be having jelly and cake at Aubameyang’s kid’s party other than he’s signing for Arsenal?

Where’s my coal, this hype train needs some steam :giroud2:


Clearly a done deal.


Time to get another former Dortmund player :henry2:.





yeah forreal though Dembele has that north london french henry sauce aka Arsenal DNA. Auba and Laca need to get heavy on the tapping up imo


Fabrizio Romanoo? :smiley:


parody of reliable sky italia journo Fabrizio Romano. Anyways:




C’mon! :henry2:


I’m not getting sucked into this one ffs.


Won’t happen. Window closes in a week too.


Is this Dembele any good ?
I’ve heard the name branded about but never took any notice .


Last-day offer :henry2:


Absolutely no chance this happens


Nope. Not getting caught up in this one.


I doubt Barcelona will give up on him so quick, he will be given another chance this season before they consider to ship him out.


I refuse to get involved in this.

But please let it happen


How much would he cost?