Ousmane Dembélé


Apparently his buyout clause is €400m…


I’ll take two in that case.


The most positive thing about this picture in my opinion is that Guendouzi seems to have to found his place at Arsenal/in London. That can only be positive for his development.

@Phoebica they are probably scared for another Neymar lol.


Stan can sell his ranch and fund it no problem, wonder what number we give Dembele.


Lol! :rofl:


Never gonna happen


He’s just mates with Auba. Nothing more to it at all.


Take a step back and ask whether Barcelona is going to sell us one of the most promising young attacking players in the world who they just bought for over 100m euro (and also whether that player is going to want to move to Arsenal from Barcelona, at any point really but especially current 6th place and playing on Thursday nights Arsenal).


I think the original talk was about a loan move to be fair. But I don’t know how feasible that is either.


The only way they do it is if they feel they already have so many options and he is too far down the pecking order and wants playing time NOW. OR they need a TON of money to go buy someone like Mbappe, which probably isn’t possible anyway. This seems like dreamland stuff, but it is fun. As long as we get a top wing attacker, I am ok - I don’t expect Dembele though, as much as that would be nice.


40 million of the 140 million fee to BVB is apparently in add ons, so perhaps Barca are looking to cut ties and recoup as much of the 100 million they paid as possible. Not to mention he’s meant to be on like 250k a week.

They’re going to hemorrhage money if they hold on to him this season which makes me question why on earth they would bring in a natural RW like Malcolm if they have designs on keeping Dembele.

There might be more to this than people think.


Because they only have 4 forwards without Malcom and with Iniesta retiring I think Coutinho will be used more as a midfielder.


Harsh but true


Maybe, but if he is on 250k a week, seems he isn’t destined for the Arsenal.


Signing Malcom means little when it comes to Dembele, they were going for Griezmann and when that didn’t work out they stupidly came in for Willian. That didn’t work out either and now they’ve landed Malcom who is the much better signing between the two, they were always going to add a forward in this window.

Just like @Powderfinger says why would Barca part ways with one of the best young talents in the game? Very few young players have the talent he does, he’s gold standard no two ways about it. He’s the kind of player that could lead their front line for over a decade and I’m sure they had that in mind which is why they parted with that amount of money to land him.

This is sounding a lot like you and some others when it came to Mbappe, some of you truly believed.we could sign him. Thought you would’ve learned your lesson :joy:


This is way more likely than the Mbappe transfer, it’s practically done imo.


To be fair, there are always issues other than Money and trophies as to why players may want to leave.

If it’s true Valverde abused him, he may not like the environment there and want to leave. Not saying that’s the case, but just because he is getting paid and winning doesn’t mean the player will stay happy.


Loan with an option to buy?


I actually think Barca bit off more than they could chew financially, they paid Mbappe money for a kid who’s amazing but probably not quite as much of a world star as Mbappe, I mean what kid is.

Loan makes sense but if they aren’t happy with their investment I don’t think its impossible that they just cut ties altogether.

Personally I think it’s cruel to keep him when Arsenal clearly seems like his natural habitat as Papabumeyang showed.


Yeah it is definitely a farfetched rumor but I don’t think that you can just write it off by saying “why would he want to leave Barca and CL to play with Arsenal in the EL”. Shit’s not always so black and white. Sometimes the players feel a certain way and don’t mind playing a season out of the CL. There’s always the prospect of CL football looming anyways and for a 21 year old kid he may prefer a more familiar environment with his old Dortmund buddies than the flashing lights of Camp Nou. Besides from what I understand he didn’t do well there and received plenty of criticism. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility the kid isn’t happy there.