Ousmane Dembélé


Fucking hell, you’ve got me excited now.



I was in Barcelona a couple of days ago and i heard he is about to sign for us.
Mark my words. :arteta:


Not happening people… don’t do this to yourselves…


Why not? It’s hilarious and highly entertaining. Give into the spirit of silly season all you grinch mother fuckers :gunnersaurus:


Too late, already spent $120 USD on a custom third shirt that says OozeMan on the back. It’s hype train or bust for this guy.


I have to admire this level of fanaticism and embracing of the MADNESSSS…



via Imgflip Meme Generator

All joking aside, he’d be my dream signing. I’d even be willing to let Ramsey go if it meant signing an actual winger.


It’s happening…I’ve decided that it’s gonna happen…


Fuck me, I swear I’ve not seen that meme for at least 8 years


Insanity Wolf is a classic.


That fits with what I was saying really


There’s really no shot this happens, right? Even if we manage to pull off a quick Ramsey sale for 40m to Chelsea (just grabbing numbers/buying teams at random), I can’t see us moving fast enough to wrestle a player out of Barca.

Maybe we could loan him?


You forget the Barca connection we now have with Sanllehi…a deal can be done if all three parties want to do it!


Yep. This all adds up. Might as well move this to the players section.



Shattered dreams just like Goldust.


So obviously there has been something going all. It was always gonna be difficult, but from those reports it looks like Dembele was the one looking to leave.


Get those irresistible offers in boooooooiiiss.


I’ve got an irresistible offer for Barca right here.


Oh well.