Ousmane Dembélé


Winger with potential versus player who looked world class about a season ago hmmmm

And nah he’ll cost way more than 50m. 100m is decent value anyway imo. That’s if we can actually get him, PSG might kick down the door to get him now


For Arsenal to pay €100 million for him would be stupid. For the record I don’t think Arsenal is poor, but I’m not sure Arsenal is a club that can or should spent €200 million in one summer either and we need more. I’m not sure you should give Barcelona their base fee back either on what he has done in 2 seasons for them. That would be an incredible deal for them. I think they paid €105.


If Barcelona manage to recoup what they paid for him then they’ve done very well. Flashes of brilliance but his performances and attitude have done nothing to suggest he’s someone any club should spend €100m on.


Out of players who are 21yo and younger in world football who’s better? 100m is half of a world record fee now too. His end product per minute is still good, he’s just been frozen out for whatever reasons.

Barce might sell for less but it won’t be much less. Actually I’m not even sure we can pay his wages anyway. Isn’t he rumoured to be on 300k a week?


I think there is a genuinely class player there but he needs to change his attitude asap


He’s most likely a prick but many young players are. If he’s cheaper because he’s immature and over the next couple of years he grows up a bit it could be a great signing. We have a lot of French players who seem matey, Emery looks like he’s building a team here and he’s most likely never getting frozen out of an Arsenal lineup in the foreseeable future. Also the pressure on an Arsenal player is significantly less than that of a Barca player.

If Sven believes, I believe.


We almost paid 90M for Lemar so at least the willingness is there. With all the problems he’s having this season his contribution is good. The main problem with him is that Barcelona play in a very organized system with a clear structure and roles but Dembele is a tsunami, for the good and for the bad. He isn’t the player that Barca needs to cause his impredictably and weird decisions. But in a system that embraces counter attacks and fast transitions he’s world class. And how we play? Emery would absolutely love him. If we want to have that kind of rare talent we must take gambles and take advantage of bad situations. That’s how we got Bergkamp, Henry, Ozil, and Alexis. What have done Pepé in Ligue 1 that Gervinho didn’t? And we want to take a gamble on him? Seriously?


I’m sold! Hope we do somehow sign him.


Imagine if we actually paid 90M for Lemar lol. That was Wenger at his absolute worst just buying for the sake of buying. He didn’t really have any kind of plan by the end and his departure was so long overdue.


Getting in Lemar for Alexis would of been better than getting in Mkhitaryan though and we were desperate. Whether that 90m is entirely true I do question. Don’t think he’s gone to the best club for his playing style.


Lemar for 90 was just a hoax.


It’s going to take around 100m to sort our defence out, so as nice as it would be to get a player of Dembele’s class, I can’t see Emery spending most of our budget on an attacking player.


Great points you’ve made. However, I just can’t see Barça giving up on him and selling him, more so with Suarez needing replacing soon too


Seems odd to me people are rationalising this transfer as if Arsenal have a tangible opportunity to get him


He’s struggling to properly fit in there which adds fuel to the rumours but he’s shown enough to stay there. Barça would need to find two world class forwards in one window, which just isn’t going to happen haha


Barca would be incredibly short sighted in moving him on.

Outside of Mabappe there’s no one under 21 on his level ability-wise IMO, he’s one of the players that will be slugging it out for the Ballon d’Or in years to come.

Messi unfortunately will not last forever, players like Dembele do not appear very often. But this is the club that wanted Pogba and Willian, plus still has Valverde as its manager. They’re capable of untold stupidity.


I could definitely see Barca trying to move him on. There is always some weird internal politics going on over there.

Dembele could wind up being a symbol of lousy recruitment under the current board in the same way guys like Arda Turan, Andre Gomes and Alexis Vidal were. Guys like that have a way of being quietly moved on.