Ousmane Dembélé


Bayern have some really abominable cunt players (Neuer, Muller) and basically their whole executive structure can go suck a donkey cock.

I’ve grown a bit more ambivalent towards Barcelona in recent years, primarily because they haven’t spanked us in a while and also because they haven’t tried to poach any of our players recently.


Unless they don’t qualify from the group stages of the CL, or are a wild card in the FA Cup, they won’t be spanking us for a while :grinning:


Yeah, taking inspiration from a racist cheater. Good example.


That quote missed out everything he said to be honest. And ignored what Deschamp had to say about Dembele.



Agent :auba:!


It’s coming up to the only time of year when Arsenic is needed


Would be a good signing for us here at Borussia London




Tbh Arsenic just regurgitates stuff already out there that’s like 95% bullshit most of the time. Don’t know how he gets ratings lol


I think that is his purpose tbh, follow one dude on twitter and he’ll bring you all the Arsenal related transfer BS you could possibly want haha


He’s already a £100M+ player, are we really prepared to pay that sort of money?



Barcelona won’t recoup what they paid for him that’s for sure. Think anyone who signs him will get him for a reasonable initial fee and a bucket load of bonuses attached to it too.


A bromance the basis of multi million pound transfer? Spanish sources are terrible


Moley was always right. Waiting for an apology from all u Mole haters.


Nothing has happened yet, calm it! Plus the fact Moley said it was pretty much a 100% done deal and we should be getting him in the summer.


Moley deleted his account :arteta:

Got ran off twitter :arteta:


Nah uhhhhh.


Lol no he didn’t, he said we were pursuing him and that it was a possibility.


I like him, but Arsenal will probably need to pay at least 50 million (that’s the bare minimum) to get him out of Barcelona. If Mislintat can’t find another winger with really good potential for that money something is not right.