Ousmane Dembélé


Not really true though. Arsenal is a top club too. There is so much space in a team. We’ve already seen Madrid, United and City going a bit softer on the market. You can only spend so much and pray that not only you do well but the others do worse than you to classify the result as successful.
Oh and by the way, not to toot our own horn, but we have a great rep of nurturing talents.


Tbf, playing in either Barca or Madrid isn’t easy. Mentally in specific, and even more if you’re not of a lighter skin colour.


Really not sure what you mean by that lol


They tend to racial slurs when they’re not pleased with how their teams are doing. And they’re hardly satisfied as well. Let’s not forget the hate the guy got in the summer, it was pretty disgusting.


Would love to see Ousmane Dembélé in an Arsenal shirt…maybe the Welbeck injury will force our hand…swap deal plus cash…Ramsey and £Xm for Dembélé?

Not long to wait until the madness starts again :sunglasses:


Worth a punt but will Ramsey just see out his contract?


I don’t think emery is the kind of manager to deal with his shit. He’d rather player Jenko up front than Dembele


Not after that awful slice on Thursday night where Jenko completely missed the ball!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice article from the Guardian. Would love to take a punt on him.


Think Emery would make him a great player again like he did with Iwobi.


Iwobi is still not a great player and very far from it. He’s just showing more promise and potential than he has previously.


Suarez publicly slating Dembele. When you’re getting behaviour advice from Luis Suarez, you know you’re in trouble :laughing:


ohhh i see a little bit of irony here. also exemplary professionals at Barca :arteta:


Iwobi has improved under Emery but labelling him a great player is nothing short of biased delusion @Luca_from_Italy


I’m assuming Iwobi scored against England at some stage. That’s the only way to earn a treasured place in Luca’s heart.


I do apologize. Didn’t meant it. Just a good promising player atm.


Luca just says what he’s thinking. Don’t think he has any real bias tbh.

Apart from against the English media. Every other PL club. Refs. Ronaldo. Tuesdays…

Other than that though…


€12-20m a year. “Victim of football’s greasy hands”. :kos2:


Jesus. Suarez must be getting a nose bleed sitting on that high horse.

Hard to tell who is more insufferable, Barcelona or Bayern.


I reckon Manu or Liverpool…maybe chavski.