Ousmane Dembélé


His attitude really doesn’t seem great at all. The fact he couldn’t start vs Inter and wasn’t missed says a lot. If his attitude doesn’t change they may seek to replace him this summer


Barcelona is considering let Dembele go in this next transfer window.


probably will want to recoup a lot of their transfer fee so will want t least 70-80m for him


Shouldn’t be an impossible price for us.



Lol, it was so obvious that the kids time was up in summer with Malcolm coming in, I don’t know why all parties fought so hard to stop any kind of deals going through.


hmmmm wonder if it is a coincidence that Raul has recently said we ‘do not believe in the january window’ could it be to keep other clubs off the scent. Not that it will matter because any club could gazump us if they really want thim, but we have the factor of having his team mates here from dortmund. Also it would be big deal for the new shirt deal just around the corner…we can only dream.


Don’t think they’d sell in January tbh. Malcom is barely starting himself so when they sell it will be when they have a replacement lined up. Don’t believe these rumours tbh…


How much did he cost Barca Inthe end? If anyone wants to buy him, I imagine they won’t be budging from their initial outlay.




We need to do everything we can in our power to convince him to want to join us in Jan or at seasons end.


Don’t think this club has the confidence to seek such a move yet


Well i think it needed ‘confidence’ to get someone like Auba


Not really. Dortmund were more than willing sellers and we faced no real competition to get him tbh


Sven, do it! :wenger:


Just rename the club Dortmund old boys already :rofl:


All of this chatter is predicated on the notion that Barca are more than willing sellers.


I don’t think Barca are willing sellers for anything less than astronomical really.


we bought a good right winger from them just a few years ago, what would be the difference. I mean, in general no club wants to have a player around that actually does not want to be there (which I think is definitely not the case as often as sensationalist media try to make it out to be), so if that’s actually the case why not.

Dembele is a bit up and down, young and all that, a gamble since his price is probably as high as his ceiling, but when I look at our squad right now RW is our weakest position which is probably why Welbeck and Micky (and tbf Iwobi to some degree) get as much play time as they do on (the left and) the right. He’s not my first choice taking into account that we have spend moderately (Wenger is stealing or monnies) but beggars can’t be choosers and we’re in the Europa league, if the club decide to take a chance on him I’d love it.


Realistically I’m not sure the club want a winger even if the fans do. In the next 2 windows we need a Ramsey replacement, a Mustafi replacement, a Monreal replacement,

Up front we already have Auba, Ozil, Mikhitaryan, Lacazette taking up nearly £1million per week in wages. The only way to accomodate Dembele would be to move Mikki or Ozil deeper