Ousmane Dembélé


Ramsey replacement is Ozil. Ramsey has only been used as an advanced midfielder under Emery anyway.


That only leaves us with Xhaka, Toriera and Matteo for 2 positions. Can any of the more advanced options play deeper regularly? I don’t know. I’m sure some will count Niles but I’m not sure I would.

EDIT I forget Elneny. It’s an uninspiring midfield.


Ramsey is already not playing in the pivot anymore. He isn’t a option for Emery there. All his starts have been with Xhaka and Torreira or Guendouzi.


Not playing at the moment doesn’t mean he can’t in order to cover for injuries. What happens when Torreira and Guendouzi get injured?


Than Elneny plays. Like happened against Sporting. Fact of the matter is that the (positional) replacement for if Ramsey leaves is already here.


Not really. We would need another DM, imo.


“A mess”

There must be something in all these stories. Mind you, despite his obvious lack of professionalism, i’d still take him in a heartbeat :laughing:


Seems like a cunt tbh.


mind you though dortmund were saying that PEA was a cunt also, so far he seems ok to me. I reckon Dembele is acting like this because of how Barca treat him and deep down he doesnt wanna be there so he is doing all of this stuff to be pushed out, just like PEA was doing at dortmund.


Unprofessional at Dortmund and Barca, what’s the great thing about Arsenal that will set his poor attitude straight?

You can’t trust a player who gets to one of the biggest clubs in the world and starts acting out by being clearly unprofessional at the age of 21. I’d be unwilling to invest £100m+ in a player like that tbh




Meh don’t think he’s worth the money. With his moody pain in the arse behaviour.


According to holier than thou Barcelona. Where a guy like Eto’o somehow developed attitude problems too after years of great service.

Hearing things like how Barcelona is some kind of symphonic orchestra while you’re some hip-hop misfit won’t help either, I’m sure

He may have an attitude, but the environment he’s in will be accentuating things rather than helping them.

What’s more concerning apparently is his recent form.


Arsenal Dortmund. @Persona would love it :henry2:


While I agree, you have to factor in Aubameyang’s age.
By the time, we came in for him, he made peace with doing well for us.
Had he been 25 atm and there were interest from bigger clubs, I wouldn’t bet against Auba being a cunt either.

Dembele is young so even if we get him, in couple of years time he will be as unprofessional for us as he is atm.


He’d cost a bomb, would rather look at this Pepe guy at Lille.


The thing people need to understand is, the only way we get world class talent is if they come with some sort of problems at the time, otherwise no way we beat other top clubs to the punch.


Is he world class talent tho?


Yeah he’s a world class talent, but isn’t a world class player.


That is unfortunately true.