Ousmane Dembélé


But are they really going to push us to the next level? or are they just the minimum requirement for a top European club.

But they still managed to take our best player and have bought Pogba, Matic, Lukaku and Fred for around 250m, as well as a few others.
They might not have bought wisely but their ambition in the transfer market is way above ours and even this window, where Mourinho is moaning about their lack of spending, they have bought 80m worth of players.

I agree that Aubameyang and Mkhitayran made it the best window I have seen since we have been at the Emirates but, as I said, it wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t sold our best player to one of our main rivals, and we hadn’t sold other players to pay for it.


They were, but we had received a lot of money in previous seasons because of our best players leaving.
Ozil for 42m, by anyone’s standards was a bargain, and so was Sanchez for 35m, but they were replacements because if we hadn’t have bought them, it would have meant we would have had no genuine world class players at the club, which would have been a disgrace, especially after all Wenger and Gazidis boasting.


Well shit, you can call this off


What a fucking golazo!


It was never called on elec. Twitter rumors got you believing haha


I suspect the reason is threefold…firstly Barca turned round and said that they either weren’t willing to loan or sell the player this summer (assuming we were in for him); secondly that the player said he wanted CL football; and thirdly, assuming the first and second point was overcome, it’s not the transfer fee, I suspect it is our wage bill which is the issue and in order to sign another top player we may have to get rid of further average players who are on high wages…at least I hope this is the explanation as opposed to we don’t have the money to spend!


Tough to put the effort in to a coach that abused you.

Come to arsenal buddy.


The kid has a major attitude issue.


Cheeky bid for him? :henry2: C’mon Sven!


Maybe so, I his think former Dortmund buddies could help him settle though. Would love him here!


I don’t know enough about him to fully agree, but if that tweet is accurate on saying he’s repeatedly late to training then you have a point. Even if your manager doesn’t pick you/is a prick that’s no excuse, it’s unprofessional and disrespectful to your team mates to not take training seriously.


The way he went about leaving Dortmund was enough for me to come to the conclusion.

Yeah, the Barca reports are not verified but it wouldn’t shock me if true


They said the same with Auba, i reckon Dembele just cant stand it at Barca anymore imagine trying to play your best for a coach that treats you like shit and says nasty stuff about you even when you play really well you get dropped and in general you are not appreciated by anyone.


Bitch had his chance, we’ve got Iwobinho now.


but if we can them both :giroud3:


Yeah Auba was a little disrespectful leaving Dortmund and he’s been nothing but a class act here. Cmon we all know Barca are a bunch of self righteous cunts.


How dare you, sir. They are the pride and glory of an entire region. They are MORE than a club.



Mes que un club fam


once messi retires they will be nothing special


Dembélé would flourish at Arsenal under Emery. Just look at Iwobi who looked lost under Wenger.