Ousmane Dembélé




Nope nope nope nope nope.




Kike Marin :gun:


Orn. pls. Dembele.


BOOM, in your face Kike.


This is the side of Ornstein none of the newbies ever saw.

All summer long the heartbreaks he’d send us :santi:


Thank fuck all these ITKs are getting put in their place.


Orny on that Negan flex.


What the fuck is an exceptional deal then, getting a world class talent just handed to us for free?

This fucking club.


We would have done the deal if they offered Dembele for a pack of Gingsters.


Well he said it himself, it was never realistic in that Barcelona weren’t going to sell him and he wouldn’t really want to leave.


I have faith in more Jan madness and next summer madness.

We’ve been hamstrung by the useless cunts we have on huge wages


There will always be an excuse. Fact is we only ever seem to be reactive when it comes to a big signing that might actually take us forward.

Who knows we’ll maybe flog Rambo to Chelsea/United in Jan and go for someone semi-decent to save face and pretend we have ambition.


I seen on my tweet notification.

Ornstein Dembele and arsenal and for about 1 second I got excited :joy::joy:


Let’s hope that’s not the season’s high for you.


What a cunt FFS!




Lol that sounds sooooooo fake, guy didn’t even try to sound legit


So made up lol!


Hahahahah DESPERATE !