Ousmane Dembélé


Dembele here we goooo!! TOLD YOU GUYS!!!


Kike going all in despite what Ornstein said

“Confirmed: Arsenal offered 100M for Dembele but the player doesn’t decide to leave”


I cant believe anyone would be stupid enough to fall for these rumours :auba:


Ornstein added Kike to all the other ITKs as scalps he’s finished.

This is a non starter for now. If there are problems between him and Barca this season it could be on but we just have to see how it plays out.


Also, realistically he could have his choice of clubs in the champions league, why come to chump change Arsenal?

Just because my mates were working at a certain company, if that company in my opinion isn’t pushing to be the best at what they do why would I want to work there?


Same old Arsenal. We spend less than others and all these rumour-mongering about us bidding £100m is a load of nonsense as always. The board already spent £42m and £56m on Lacazette and Aubameyang last season probably still crying like a bitch about it. They are not going to cough up more.


It would be more like a company that is doing well but you are the missing piece and could push them over the top. And you’d probably be paid similar and actually appreciated for your abilities.


Bring on the January transfer window! Dembélé may reconsider after the first half to the season :slight_smile:


No, not same old Arsenal.

They worked hard to patch up the squad. Losing Kos obviously a big blow to their plans.

This is merely the start. A little patience is needed from everyone though.


So this may have happened. Interesting.

Imo the club offered this earlier on in the window and maybe tried a last attempt on deadline day for the fuck of it…

Call it bs, I understand, but there seemed to be a bit of smoke about it from different places.


Moley called it.


Can see us trying again in january if he didn’t play enough and for a lower fee.


According to Mundo Deportivo and RAC1, Dembele is close to joining PSG…


I stay at Barcelona not go to Arsenal, but P.S.G."



I don’t see them selling him to anyone this summer including PSG. Besides, PSG had to buy Mbappé this summer, could they add €100m+ for Dembele too?


Might aswell sack the whole FFP Uefa department if PSG manage to get Dembele this summer.


This train never stops!

PSG couldn’t go for anyone major this summer because of having to pay Mbappes transfer fee and FFP. I dunno if that means now in future they will be able to spend again but I hope Sven can pull off this madness.


There is no way our board are going to give Emery the sort of money he would need to buy Dembele unless we sell players to pay for it.

Clubs like Fulham, West Ham, Everton, Watford, Leicester, etc, have showed they are more ambitious, and have more imagination in the transfer market than us.

We are supposedly one of the biggest, most profitable clubs in Europe, and are desperate for true quality in positions we are weak in, and have failed yet again to strengthen more than is absolutely necessary, so there is no chance of a player of his quality coming here.

In fact, given our notorious lack of transfer activity with Kroenke, why would any top player come here?


We have spent more money than all those teams over the past year.

Lacazette and Aubameyang weren’t cheap. That should factor in to the discussion imo


If let this kid go they will rue the day in about four years when he’s lighting up world football alongside Mbappe.

They don’t need Pogba, Valverde is truly a hack.