Ousmane Dembélé


No last madness, then. Let’s focus on the league now.


No ambition cunt.

At least Kovacic appreciated he had to leave Madrid to have a real shot at a coveted Europa League medallion.


Didn’t want him anyway. Just a shit Wilf Zaha!




Moley is officially dead to me.


Moley was always a cunt, Papabuymeyang however, feel really let down by him.


Wut? Moley plucked the name of Dembele out of thin air months ago, and by all accounts it looked as if we were after him. Only reinforces my faith in Moley.


From now on, the only mole I trust is Adrian!




He’s just an ITK cunt now. Used to be a “hey I’ve just heard this, just letting you know” kind of account but now it’s all “BIG UPDATE FROM MOLEY COMING LATER!” and giving opinions about shit he doesn’t know about.


No you.


Sour grapes, your Hertfordshire girl.


Saw this guy trending on the old Twitter and got excited for a moment. Just the Mirror saying it though.



Mirror@4pm: FULL DETAILS of Arsenal’s AUDACIOUS £100m Dembele transfer
Mirror@5pm: Dembele staying at Barcelona


Fantastic journalism.


You’ve even got the CAPS in the right places :joy::joy:


He’s been spotted at Heathrow


Aaaaand we’re back :arteta: :giroud3:

I’m only here for the replies



Ooohh shit. DEADLINE DAY!!


Yeah, Kike’s not fooling me this time, come back in january, fool.