Ousmane Dembélé


Don’t think that’s the one he means :arteta:

Think it’s this guy.

Question: would you guys be willing to sacrifice Ramsey to United if it meant they’d allow Pogba to go to Barcelona and Dembele here?

Even if no N’Zonzi?




Robert 4 CEO.

Ousmane 4 wing.


Shame the window closes this Thursday as we only have 48hours to get a €90-100m transfer done…


Do it Sven! Last-man standing.


Wait what?


I can see your confusion, the window will of course SLAM shut.


He plays Iron Man in all the Marvel movies.


New rule the PL has where instead of the summer transfer window slamming shut on 31 August or 01 September it now slams shuts on the Thursday before the PL starts




Just realized Wenger finally got what he wanted and he is not in PL anymore.
:joy: :joy: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob:


Which, of course it means that no deal will be happening.

Is any of the Arsenal deadwood wanted by teams outside of England? Thinking that Welbeck and crew will still be here.


Plenty of time to get something done! Ozil was done on the last day of the window…a loan for Dembélé with an option to buy would be a doddle!



Late madness? :henry2:


Trying so hard to not be hyped by this. (butpleasemakeitso?) :giroud3:

Even if it turns out he is not that good for us specifically or injury prone or w/e we could probably still move him without making a loss so it shouldn’t be an economic issue?


So this was a fun couple of days. But it’s over now :arteta:


But he could be keeping quiet so he doesnt spoil the surprise. :henry2:


Never really in doubt.

I think he’s going to have a super season and after that there won’t be talk of them moving him on again.


Nah, one day he will make Valverde so angry he will throw bananas at him and then it will be welcome Dembele.

But yeah, it’s over for now.

@Maverick79 pretty unequivocal lol:


Tbh I don’t trust these Barca guys Vis a vis black players