Our Upcoming Fixtures

If I cared about good mental health I wouldn’t be such a football fanatic.


No greater truth

Im happy to bank the next 6 weeks top of the week and enjoy it, never thought we’d be in this position.

January is going to be mental though, especially if the City game is rescheduled then. Obvious to say but that month makes or breaks our season in terms of whether we are in the title race or back to looking to secure top three/four.


Without accounting for the rescheduled fixtures, our remaining league matches seem to fall into four stretches:

Tough Dec-January: West Ham, @Brighton, Newcastle, @Spurs, United.

Comfortable Feb-March: @Everton, Brentford, @Villa, @Leicester, Bournemouth, @Fulham, Palace, Leeds.

Killer April: @Liverpool, @West Ham, Southampton, @City, Chelsea, @Newcastle.

Final stretch: Brighton, @Forest, Wolves.

Take it one game at a time but I would really love to get at least 10 points in those post-break fixtures. We need to get through that well and also hit stride in the Feb-March easy run because we are going to drop plenty of points in April.


@ means away right?


Gonna be a long six weeks.

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Probably have the home catchup matches vs Everton and City in February I’d suggest also.

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Home games need to be victories, doesn’t matter if it’s City or West Ham. That’s where a title challenge is built.

Don’t get beat at Spurs either.

I’d love to give Newcastle a spanking tbh, but they’re such an organised and high energy team. That is going to be a really tough one. Want revenge for them embarrassing us last season. Their team on paper is average in lots of positions, and playing our own intense pressing game will hopefully rattle them.

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Tbh at the moment I fancy as vs anyone at home bar Man City, you’re right the a huge key to a title challenge to begin with is winning 16 or so of your 19 home games.

I’d still fancy our chances against city tbf.

We’d certainly be a shot, just not sure we’d go in favs that’s all.

Going to give myself a little pat on the back for this call…


Mate, they’ve missed a trick. They should have waited until Liverpool (possibly) knock Man City out of the Carabao. That potentially gives 3 midweek dates in Jan, right? Now they’ve committed to that Feb midweek

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Is that you bottom left :eyes:


I think February suits us better, we already have Newcastle, Spurs and United to play in January.

I’m delighted where it has fallen tbh.

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Not a bad slot really, sandwiched between Villa and Brentford.

Just got tickets to the Brighton game.
New Years Eve on the south coast, Football, a nice meal and a night in a hotel.

Will be a different feel to NYE this year, don’t think I’ve ever done anything like it on NYE before.


Always wish we had an 8 o’clock kick off on NYE.
Something to break up the worst night of the year up with.