Our Upcoming Fixtures

Our next 8 games will see us against a different caliber of opponents than our first two.

Playing City and Chelsea away were always going to be tough and while our point tally shows a big fat zero, i think they are loads of posititves to take us into the next games.

The next games are as follows:

West Ham (H) :white_check_mark:
Cardiff (A) :white_check_mark:
Newcastle(A) :white_check_mark:
Everton(H) :white_check_mark:
Watford(H) :white_check_mark:
Fulham(A) :white_check_mark:
Leicester(H) :white_check_mark:
Palace(A) :x:

Imo we should win every single of those games, which would put us right back in the mix :henry2:

Out of 24 points how many points do you guys reckon we will claim after these 8 games?

  • 0-3 pts
  • 4-6 pts
  • 7-9 pts
  • 10-12 pts
  • 13-15 pts
  • 16-18 pts
  • 19-21 pts
  • 22 pts
  • 24 pts

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24 out of 24!!!


I want 10-0 in every games. Smash these fucking pretenders to tell the Premier League to fuck off after what they did to us in the first 2 games.


I know its a cliche but you cant look any further than next weeks game.We are miles away from anything like a settled side and any real formation.

Correct. But we need some positivity and some hype going. The last thing we need is the EmeryOut movement coming out of their caves a!

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I’ll go with 18.

I’ve added a poll to your question if that’s ok @LordBendtner ? :giroud:

This is definately a period where we can make progress and start to build some momemtum. I’m not sure we’ll win them all as we’ll have Europa games to deal with, but we gotta look at getting anything above 16-17 points at the absolute bare minimum.

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Only 16 points? It would be disgusting against these dull english prick teams :gabriel:

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16 points is my bare minimum target :slight_smile: Anything around 20 would be much more acceptable. I’m hoping for more than that of course. Ideally at least 6 wins from these 8.

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Who gives about the Europa League group stage atm. We can play our third team with Aubameyang in it. He should be able to score at least against some slovenian farmers, the cunt.

Cardiff are Welsh mate.


Apologize. So british.


This is how Brexit came about.:thinking:

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What do you mean by “dull english prick teams”?

Funny that United last season got a nice run of easy games Vs relegation contenders to build hype for a possible title win eh?

And that Mourinho, Pep etc. All had midtable or lower games as their first games in the job.

Emery magically gets City and Chelsea. I’m not saying it’s rigged but I think it’s not right to dismiss it, especially with the way the Premier League is.

Just got to forget and move on to the next games.

Time for us to beat up on some shit, I’d say 18 points.


Agree with you, 18 points sounds about right. We will definitely score lots of goals, but we will definitely concede a lot too. But we should still win most of the next 8 games because those teams are just more shit than we are. Anything more than 20 points and Emery would have done really well.

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I think you take Luca too seriously hahaha.

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We aint winning all of these. Fulham, Palace and Everton at home to be points dropped most likely.