Other Clubs' Transfers

Think has a big future there and being blended in well already.

If Pep continues to neglect him then can see him leaving but I think he’ll be getting plenty more minutes next season.


He’s got 12 starts in the PL (and about 15-16 sub appearances) and played in 10 CL games (including 4 starts).

Pep is integrating him the perfect way. He’s getting games, scoring goals and contributing positively in a way where there’s no pressure on him.

I think he’d be foolish to leave City. With Mahrez getting older and Silva potentially leaving his game time will only increase.



If true, it’s going to be an interesting summer :slight_smile:

Not sure PSG can afford to lose him on a free

I remember rumors that Falcao was actually older than what was on his paperwork.

They totally can lol once he goes they won’t have to be shelling out like 50m a season in wages for just one guy and they can potentially focus on building a coherent squad.

Remember they spent nearly 200 million euros to buy him. To let him go on a free would be madness.

They did risk losing hin for free before handing hin that unprecedented contract.

Could the Qataris of Manchester make a play for Mbappe?

I could see them trying to retain Mbappe within their sphere of influence, that’s if they do become owners of United.

Maybe he’s angling for a new contract.

Oh yeah for sure the ROI on that wouldn’t be great lol but I think it could be a good thing for them overall. A good chance to build a cohesive team and culture.

I understand that getting his wages off the book would be a good thing, but you don’t wait for him to run his contract down, and leave for nothing, to do that. You try to recoup as much as possible. To do anything else is negligence.

Although saying all that, I suspect this is Mbappé angling for a new bumper contract.

Interesting. So Mbappe will be available on a free after next season and we are unlikely to buy a new striker this summer. Welcome to Arsenal Kylian Mbappe for the 2024-25 season! :grin:

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I love how they made an effort last year to be smarter about their transfers. Well, that didn’t last long…

Big club tax. While Campos was a shrewd hire, directing a club like PSG is partly-pointless in the way that he can identify the smart buys however they will pay PSG figures.

Weren’t Liverpool in for that Uguarte guy? He looked good when we played them in the EL, man’s a machine.


Yeah, it sounds like he’s on the list of various clubs now. Apparently PSG’s offer matches the release clause but it’s instead structured differently. So Sporting would have to agree that deal.
Chelsea are also apparently in for him.

Tbh, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s on our list too. Most midfielders doing the rounds have been linked with the same clubs.

All of Bayern, Barca, PSG, Arsenal, City, Newcastle, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea are looking for midfielders.

Madrid were there too but managed to get the hottest name out there in Bellingham.


Decent player. Think he could find a decent Europa team abroad at least.