Other Clubs' Transfers

Man City might go for Maddison and both Liverpool and Man U seem interested in Bellingham but, like you say, Mount could go to Newcastle.

Rice is favourite to come here but will also be a target for those clubs, as well as Caicedo and although there are several top clubs who need quality midfielders, there aren’t that many to go round.

Anyone who pays mount big is a clown, hopefully it’s united or Chelsea.


United isn’t a bad shout actually. I’m not convinced that Liverpool would pay him what he wants though.

Wherever he goes he won’t really move the needle for any of those teams, Liverpool need to move away from predominantly hard runners. They need genuine quality with the ability to create at a high level and produce magic.

The midfield needs to evolve rather than an attempt at recreation


Not kidding though. He’s a runner, not a footballer but MLS is a very physical, pressing league right now. He’d probably be great here.

Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and City will all be looking for midfielders in the summer.
While he’s certainly not having a great season he will absolutely have plenty of interest.

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I actually really rate Mount, I’m definitely an not suggesting that he isn’t good. My argument is that I’m not sure that a ub bigger and/or bigger and/or richer than Chelsea will be interested.

United and Newcastle seem realistic.

I think he’s a lot better than Caicedo and would have him here. Not happening though.

He’s a totally different player to Caicedo and doesn’t really excel at anything other than work rate

Low hanging fruit is what he is

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Great engine, good touch, finds dangerous areas on the pitch and chips in with important goals.

I see him as a better version of Ramsey and a not as good Gundogan. He’ll have a good career.

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I enjoy a Ben Foster video every so often, pretty cool guy and will now have more in goal vlogs


Interesting, I wonder what brought that on behind the scenes?

Nagelsmann to Spurs? Doesn’t scare me

Looks like one of those ‘better coach is available’ scenario.


There was a great interview on Total Soccer Show with their Bundesliga reporter who said that Nagelsmann is pretty cocky and didn’t really vibe with the Bayern board.

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It’s clear the Bayern players haven’t taken to Nagelsmann.

I’d wait until the summer if it was me, and I reckon that’s their preference. If they do sacked him now, then he must be stinking it up behind the scenes

Another twitter nerd favourite in mud lol


Nagelsmann to take the Spurs job? :eyes:

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How many of the treble team is still there? Idk if I’d want to listen to a guy whose claim to fame was becoming a coach at 28 or something.