Olivier Giroud


would man be gettin murked if he dissed fillet 'o fish?!


Defensive header
Link up
Hold up
Good looking (for some)
Being sexy (for some)

Anyway, a good player but not good to have his annual scoring drought.


FA Cup specialist, Ligue 1 winner and most importantly WC winner.
Fuck the haters!! :grin:


Where are the haters?
Haven’t seen them for a long time :joy:







9 in 9 in this seasons Europa League for Giroud.


He’s found his level


So happy we got rid of the french Andy Carroll. Hopefully we wont sign more of these types of donkies.


Signing him was fine.
Making him our starting striker for the next five seasons was unacceptable.


If you had a prime David Beckham whipping in crosses Giroud would score way more. Unfortunately he came to us in the era where the 4-4-2 wingers had become a rarity and triangular passes were the thing. I remember 1 game where Ozil switched it up and was putting a load of high balls in for Giroud and yes he scored. You do that every game and he gets 30+ goals a season imo.



There’s a reason Giroud was Ozil’s number 1 assist recipient to date


Because he was our only striker since Ozil came here?


Not really. Giroud had more assists from Ozil than Alexis did from the period Alexis was at the club till he left despite Alexis averaging more shots than Giroud per game.

Ozil and Giroud had a proven relationship and understanding that hasn’t been replicated even with “better” talent in the forward line


Eden Hazard has said that he likes playing with World Cup winner Giroud too.

I think some people are quite OTT in their hate for Giroud. Fine, you don’t rate him but he’s not a complete donkey. I imagine this thread will be bumped in years to come just so someone can yet again talk about how bad he was.


Tbha few must do it to wind you up lol.

At least I did it to wind you and @sevchenko up, he’s not as bad as I posted recently.


All strikers miss chances


I dont hate Giroud, I just hate the fact that Wenger persisted with playing such a flaccid and limited striker for 6 fekin years. 6 years of watching Arsenal wasted. 6 years down the drain.