Olivier Giroud


Full name: Olivier Giroud

Date of birth 30 September 1986
Place of birth Chambéry, France
Height 1.92 m
Playing position Striker


If Giroud were to leave us this Summer, how would his time at Arsenal be remembered? I feel there’s going to be two camps in this.

The one that feel he did a pretty decent job to rack up over 80 goals and his ability to assist other players into the mix as well.

The other will be that he’s slow, misses easy chances, moans a lot on pitch and that we used him as our lead striker for 4 seasons.

For me personally, he gets a hell of a lot of stick. Sometimes he deserves it like the second half of last season was unacceptable to go 15 games or whatever it was without a goal. But even when he had his strong spells at the club he was never always given the praise he should’ve had, especially as he’s more of a support striker, not a lead one. Blame Arsene for that, more than Giroud’s inefficenties.

He should’ve had a lead striker alongside him and he would’ve flourished and not had the expection on him to be a lead striker. I just hope, whenever he leaves, his time with us isn’t looked back on with negative vibes, overall I think he turned out to be a good purchase for us.


Great signing I feel. Was only like €12,000,000 too right? Bargain.


In all honesty we got what we paid for. Though it’s not his fault we neglected the position as much as we did. Can’t help but lament not getting Demba Ba on loan to help him out.


Much much better player than most on here give credit for…I would be sorry to see him go.
Not world class, he never claimed to be, very good forward who always gave 100%, same some others didn’t always do the same.


I think 80% will belong in one camp. Which is what we hear every week on MOTD for example. A good player who does a job but not world class.


Shame we can’t transfer the “Is Giroud World class thread?” onto here. That was one heck of a thread :arteta:


He has done his job quite well, albeit he has had many ups and dows. Not his fault though. We have been screaming for a world class CF for years and we have yet to see him.


He has done his job. Whenever he has failed, it was because the team on a whole around him had failed.
Had we had a first choice striker, we would have been so chuffed to have 2 quality strikers.

Plus unlike other players, He has mostly been available despite playing almost all the games since joining.


Personification of this club the past five years; decent, solid, but uninspiring and at the end of the day just not good enough.


Fuck. This thread is reading like a post-mortem.


Is he really leaving😞. I liked giroud.


Not as far as I or anyone else knows. Make what you will of all the talk on here. For me, that’s all it is right now, talk.


Giroud will score more goals than Ibra this year, I’ve seen enough Ibra is a shitter he’s done.




Oh man the state of this place right now. People with Ibra’s wiener stuck all up in their windpipe because he scored a couple Chicharito/Giroud like goals.

Giroud is a real man, Ibra is a walking Vagina with a pony tail. Giroud will end up on top cause he’s much sexier anyways. This is bound to be like the Costa situation that me and Bradymagic were correct on. He’ll play ok for a while and burn out.


unfortunately he won’t Ibrahimovich is unfortunately one of the most fit footballers out there he is constantly training his body if not in football in martial arts etc and he has a strong mentality i was hoping he would flop so bad but unfortunately looks like he wont be.


@Maxi_Gooner Giroud is going to evolve into a beautiful Butterfree and stun spore everyone by outscoring Ibra



Yep… I reckon he and Aguero will be duking it out for golden boot.