Olivier Giroud



It won’t be long before Ibrahimovic is on that list.


I welcome that, Who does’t love a head goal!


Thought it would be more than 19 tbh.

Not sure if he’s too hot at attacking crosses and such, but he’s a total beast from set pieces. It’s something that feels like he’s been much better at in his last two seasons than his first two.

I wish we could find some kind of effective two striker strategy because he offers that threat which is there even when we’re playing utter shite and even if he’s not in particularly good finishing form. If we’re playing Barca away with 24% possession, he’d give us a real shot from our 3 corners and 3 free kicks which is probably more viable than hoping to catch them sleeping on the counter and hoping Cazorla plays a perfect ball to Ozil and Ozil plays a perfect ball to Walcott and Walcott takes a perfect touch and finishes.

If he’s going to be our striker again (which seems likely), I’d like to see some kind of innovation in his role. No idea what but he’s shown glimpses of quality, there must be some way to sustain that.


Is Giroud playing for France during the Int break?

Would actually be comical if so.


Just scored a good goal against Italy.



If he showed that kinda consistency for Arsenal, we’d be walking our way to the League.


A smaller mobile runner going all over the place seems to suit him. Hopefully Wenger lets Perez be that guy. I just don’t think that Wenger values the midfield discipline it takes to let that happen and not get ran over going back the other way.


That is what happens when there is no competition for places and no replacement the guy drops off not only because he has no one that can really push him for the spot but also no one to take over when fatigued. He is slow enough to begin with but when he gets tired he is even more slow which helps no one and as soon as tiredness hits he gets sloppy and not so clinical.


To Giroud’s credit I don’t think he’s ever said anything publicly to discourage Arsenal from bringing in competition. He’s probably as baffled as a lot of us about the striking situation.


Great goal scored and worked well helping his team-mates. He should play with the same style with us.

Welcome back Olly :giroud:


:joy::joy: What did he do?!


Christ, when Olly is in bad form, he really shows it. Such a needless sending off, won’t do him much favours in trying to reestablish himself as number 1 striker.


Bad form? he played a key role in our goal ffs


still don’t know why he got a red


When he lost his shit he is such an annoying player.


He was good when he came on, made more impact than some “attacking” players, was quite nervous, seeing that all the ref’s decisions didn’t go his way, would miss the next game, but Perez should be more than enough against Basel at home.


You are right.

Probably Wenger trying to use Perez as our Griezmann…


What happened after he pushed Verratti? The cameras didn’t catch that.