Olivier Giroud


That kind of IQ in a defender would fit right into our lot.


That’s nothing Giroud went through the tournament not knowing where the net was.


Man left in Jan and this thread is still alive. Oli the G.


Big Ollie G joining Barca haha


Gives them a different option to throw on and tbf his first touch and link up and technique are all good

Go on Ollie.


Great move for him


Valverde really is out of options


Fucking Barcelona, always after our strikers…oh wait. He’s not ours anymore. Carry on :wenger:


He will always be ours




I don’t think keeping him handcuffed to the railings is healthy for him though :giroud:


What a guy :arteta:

Cules surely must be raging at what their club is becoming?


So desperate if they need him. Image him and :goat: together :bellend:


Are we actually letting him go? :anguished:


Lately been watching quite a bit of Arsenal’s youtube channel, and been reminded of some classics again. Everyone likes to poke at Olly, but figured he deserves a bit of love after all, isn’t that right @Phoebica ? :giroud:

Man I miss his French swagger. Although I’m obviously happy with Auba and Laca partnership we have these days.


What kind of love do you think he deserves? :smirk:


This is a family place Robin, so it’s best I don’t answer that


When is he coming back from loan?


Never hopefully


I had love and respect for Giroud but bith disappeared when he said English sausages are awful.

Dickhead ting