Olivier Giroud


Helped France win the World Cup by scoring 0 goals lol. But apparently his world class link up and hold up was instrumental in the players that actually made a difference. I remember many games where he barely touched the hall or had any reasonable impact whatsoever.

I’m sorry but the praise Giroud gets at times is outrageous. Once you start praising your first choice striker for doing everything but score goals then you know you’re really reaching.


His wikipedia won’t have this quote


I mean that’s a shit retort if I’ve ever seen one.


Look, I don’t like him so much that I will defend his zero goals tournament.
I am merely pointing out his resume which will indeed show him as an active member of a world cup campaign; goals or no goals.

You wanna fight about his contribution, I am not the guy.


If the outcome is winning the world cup, do anyone really fucking care?


I’m sorry but no. Arsenal was playing much better football when RvP was here, and RvP’s talent was part of that. Clearly a different calibre compared to Giroud.


You haven’t actually adressed my statement in anyway.


He was decent but inconsistent.
His most consistent, with us, was when he broke the record for an Arsenal striker not scoring in consecutive games with fifteen clean sheets in a row, which is great for a GK, but not so good for a starting striker for a top European club.

He managed this incredible record playing in front of one of the the best midfields in the PL.


Yeah? You might have to remind me of the exact composition of that midfield, because in my head our midfield has been pretty bloody dysfunctional for years.


He probably just means Cazorla and Özil


Cazorla was injured during the whole length of Giroud’s drought. No excuses for a striker at a top club to not score for 15 consecutive games though.


Do we need to make a list of shit players who have got a world cup winning medal? Because there are plenty


How many of those were off the bench though? And should we also mention that in the calendar year prior to this drought that he scored about 30 goals?



Bad casting. Everyone knows that Giroud is the Scorpion King!


Not Marvel, dweeb.


Dweeb?! What decade are you living in? :laca:

There’s still a Scorpion…


I mean, they’ve cast him well given the canny nose similarities between him and the green goblin innit.



Indeed. Let him have it! :xhaka2:


Oli G always a bro


He went into that final not knowing exactly where their opponents are on map?