Olivier Giroud



The dirty parts are my favourite :henry2:


hhhmmmm giroud messes with stuff in your head doesn’t he.


Oh god…


Have they won more than Utd in 2008-2018? Must be pretty close between them


If he is including all trophies then he is right. 3 league titles, 4 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 1 CL, 1 EL. Though not many people would describe cups as “titles”.

Man United have 1 EL, 3 PL and 1 FA Cup in that time. Their CL win was in the 2007/08 season so doesn’t count as the last 10 years.


Yeah that’s a foreign thing. Titles in this country are the league only.


Sure it does :slight_smile:


Chelsea have never won the title with a second rate striker.
So as much as Giroud loves being at Chelsea, he should also remember he was lucky playing for a manager who’s lack of ambition meant he was our starting striker for more than five seasons, because there is no way he would have been first choice there.


Well it was over 10 years ago, plus it would mean we’re including 11 seasons rather than 10, which my OCD won’t allow me to do :santi:


Very good article on Giroud



Yeah they do


I totally understand how valuable Giroud’s role is as facilitator, it should be praised and recognised. Chelsea fans I know think he’s great and really like having him, and I can see why. But you still need your striker to score goals. Basically relying on Hazard to do all the scoring might not be the wisest long term plan for a whole season.

I’ll be interested to see how much my mates love having a non scoring striker if Hazard hits a dip lol


So Giroud Is a non scoring striker.
Does that mean he’s the French equivalent of Heskey, the Liverpool non scoring striker? :grinning:


You can say all you want about him being this great footballer, but I know what I saw Monaco at home 2015.

Quite possibly the most infuriating game of the whole depression era for me.


Giroud just won the world cup. Never been his biggest fan but he deserves all the plaudits he gets tbh. He’s got better every season since moving to England and does actually do his job.


Hazard can’t do all by himself lol!


You know what; for all his criticism, he is going to end his career with below resume

  • Didn’t play top level football till age of 22. was Ligue 2 top scorer & player of the year at 21.
  • Moved to Montpellier & in his second season, played a significant role in helping them win the Ligue 1 against the mighty rich PSG managed by Ancellotti. Named Top scorer of the season.
  • Moved to Arsenal, won 3 FA cups.
  • Won Puskas award 2017
  • Helped France reach Euro finals & was awarded Bronze boot.
  • Moved to Chelsea, won his 4th FA cup.
  • Helped France win World cup

I would take that resume along with his ridiculously good looks; for all the butthurt criticism any day.
That guy has had a great career.


It’s funny because people are usually more endearing to a real underdog story except in the case of Giroud.

He’s in the cult hero/minor legend/favoured person category for me. Left more of an impression on this club than RVP ever did


At least we don’t have to watch him play every week :slightly_smiling_face:.