Olivier Giroud


I think we’ll do them.

1-3 to us!



I worry about Cech tbh and not just from the playing out side of his game. Decision making on crosses and situations can be very questionable.


2 own goals. Thanks :grinning:


Giroud plays for Chelsea yet skybet have used arsenal hashtags :joy::joy:


This hurts everytime.
Even Fabregas playing for Chelsea doesn’t bother me so much.


Fucking hell.

That comment hurts, Cesc was our youth revolution wonder kid while Giroud was pretty much the poster boy for our descent into mediocrity.


I do wish we’d kept Giroud. He and Auba up front would be fire and >>> Auba/Laca.


I’d argue that because of Fabregas’ style of play, that turned us from contenders into a 4th/5th team. In fact, I really can’t watch anything Premiership Years related from 2006 onwards. It’s just too painful to see how average we became all over again


It hurts me too. It hurts that we waited so long getting rid of the big nosed donkey. He got way to many chances with us despite a lack of basic footballing abilities.


Seeing Fabregas sign for Chelsea, be absolutely superb and win the league in his first season felt like a punch to the gut. Seeing Giroud play for them is merely a shame.

I think Trion needs to give his head a wobble on this one.


With Cesc, there was a gap and plus he is not the same exciting player he was for us, so I don’t have the same connection with him.
He doesn’t even look the same.

Sure it bothers but not as much. I am over it.
Plus Giroud is more recent so that could be a factor.


Top marks mate your trolling is definitely working wonders on me.


Yea I wonder if we might have won the league with Cesc incoming as a DLP alongside Alexis, Ozil, still with Santi there. Probably not but he was class that year, 23 assists in all comps, 18 in the PL


Would have been a fantastic team to watch, but ultimately something would have stopped us winning the Premier League, probably still the mental strength to get it done under pressure when it really mattered & balance between attack and defence.


That thing would have been Wenger :wink:


Happy birthday my love



Happy for him atm. Was a really suitable move and they seem to appreciate what he brings to the table.


He seems to be doing well at Chelsea so I’m pleased for him.

I’m happy with our front line so I can’t say I miss him too much, but he did give us some good memories


Even after many months have passed since he moved to Chelsea, it still feels very weird whenever I see him wear the blue of Chelsea :sweat_smile: The move seems to have worked out well for him though, and unlike the likes of Fabregas, who soured his relationship somewhat with Arsenal, Olly still much loved from Arsenal fans.


Tell them Giroud!