Olivier Giroud


I actually think his hair looks better like that


I don’t :pensive:

But it’ll grow back




Send him an email immediately! How does he dare to have his hair cut without your permission? :mustafi:


Bullshit! I thought he was going to wet shave it!


What if he never wants it to grow back and it stays like that forever and ever :giroud3:


Oli, what have you done? :facepalm:


Looks great imo. Cured a bit of his good looking, yet just-a-tad-punchable-face-syndrome-face now lol


I suppose being a (almost) skinhead will help him fit in with the Chelsea fan base


Nothing wrong with a shaved barnet!

Beard always improves it anyway.


Giroud in tune with the latest trends as per, the buzzcut like he has is IN right now in hipster circles.


When did bald mean trimming short? :joy:



That’s nowhere near bald.

Mind you he’s got a habit of being wide of the mark.


You’re on my list



Soz I’m taken


At least Lineker wore a pair of shorts that could almost be classed as pants, this is just some bullshit Ollie. Sort it out


Good read tbh. Definitely appreciate genuine footballing counter arguments as opposed to the pub cliches banded around.

Can definitely see your viewpoint on the detriment he brings to the team’s advancement upfield but I think there does come a point where one person will see some use in other ways that ‘even those out’ whilst another person, say you, will feel a player like that just isn’t useful in any measure.

What I thought was useful about Giroud most this World Cup actually was his more subtle movements, particularly in the semi-final. Seemed to sync well with the talent around him. For me he has an edge to each facet of his game that the Lambert’s etc that you’re somewhat relegating him to lack completely.

By the way, have you always been on this much of a wind up streak on here lol? In any case your analytical contributions on the football sections here over the years have been fantastic mate always an interesting angle :+1:t3:


It’s happening isn’t it.

And there will be so many ‘i told you so’ posts :santi:


Since that 3-5 in 2011 we’ve only actually scored 2 goals at the Bridge and guess who the last Arsenal player to score there was?


It’s happening today. Twice.


Have no fear!! I shall be our lucky talisman at this game!!

My aura shall inspire fear and ruthless efficiency in our boys today.