Olivier Giroud


We never really tried (just one or two games did not mean “try”) the 2-striker formation, to have one more “forward” to assist and compliment Giroud.

The 2 wide players that we had (in Giroud’s first 2/3 seasons), Theo could not cross, Poldi could cross but not playing enough; and Santi never really went deep but cut in more. The last could of years, Sanchez was more extreme than Santi, ball hog too much, and I don’t even remember who played on our right side at all after Theo’s gone.

When Laca, Miki and Auba came, Giroud already deployed as a substitude.


Inspired by Mesut. Özil can’t stop assisting :grin:


Imagine if Mustafi still does this to our current crop. It would be maddening hearing it from a player like him…




Giroud under Simeone :fire::fire::fire:


@AbouCuellar gonna self combust





Speaking about Stéphane Guivarc’h.

He didn’t score a single goal in the entire tournament which later another forward Oliver Giroud did in France’s 2nd ever World Cup win in 2018.


Would love it just to see Cuellar’s face :mustafi:


Not bothered at all, it’s the price we paid to keep brother Griez, let him pick a few mates to play with, anyways I trust my Cholo :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: , he won’t be like Wenger, will realise quickly he’s shit and use him as an occasional super sub and that’s that. :slight_smile:



Giroud and Godin on the same team heading shit out of the box, oh what a fucking delight :giroud2:


That would be Wenger, Conte, Deschamps and now Simeone then


No Ollie no!!!


He should also shave the beard ala Aaron




Please no, Oli.

Also, please come back. :santi:


End of an era.


Let’s hope it’s the end of the Europa League era.

We need to get back in the CL.


What a fuckin’ pedo