Olivier Giroud


Giroud is making sure we don’t get that fifth place trophy :grinning:



No, not really. Still like the guy.:slight_smile:


hahahahaha this made my day.


Come back to us Sweet Prince. :santi:


This could have been written by @AbouCuellar :wink:


Godroud strikes again.


I fear my lovely Olivier is going to become a cult hero for the chav fans across London :grimacing:

Do they have a song for him yet? Actually hold that thought I don’t even want to know :disappointed:


Fans like Gunnergirl would rather he score for the opposition rather than for us. His link up plays and holding the ball up are sorely missed.


Well done Olly!


He’s come to Chelsea
He plays in blue
He’s French and handsome
He’s Ollie Giroud :giroud:


Never should have got rid of the guy tbh. The Arsenal boys carrying their respective teams in the FA Cup. And it doesn’t seem to bother me either, I’ve been at my brothers house all weekend and it’s fun rubbing it in his face that the Arsenal boys are moving onto the final carrying their teams and spurs are out again lulzzzz :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:


He’s the kinda guy who could score a hat-trick against us and we’d still love him


Speak for yourself


We’d have scored 4 by then anyhow


Congrats Big Ollie. Enjoy your victory.
Miss this big guy .


Was proper happy for him - why did we sell him !! (I know why but … WHY :heart:️) !!


I’m having that . Love the big guy


It’s amazing to think that, in say 20 years time, he could be a half time guest at the Emirates or Stamford bridge during a match between arsenal and chelsea and hed likely get warm applause from both sets of fans.

Just goes to show the professionalism of the man.


I’d have open arms for big Ollie . Such a likeable guy . No big ego , just a great bloke with the ability to pop up every now and again with a worldly goal .


I’d have open legs for him