Olivier Giroud


Why he’s not van Persie


It just doesnt look right seeing him in that shirt. Its like one of those weird Fifa/Football Manager transfers lol.


So 3 assists and 1 goal in 3 games for Chelsea so far.


He plays in blue for France tbf so him wearing that shirt doesn’t look too weird. But him not being an Arsenal player anymore is what i’m Still finding a bit weird.


Van snake dissed the club giroud had nothing but respect


Where’s Luca with the clips, would like to see how Ollie G is looking.

Edit: had to look on Twitter, he really didn’t do anything amazing those goals were more Willian than anything. However does look like Conte knows how to use a target man.


Still as handsome as ever


Better than that, think Chelsea’s kit suits him better than ours.


It makes him look like a cunt


“From the first game when I was behind bench I was watching the game with big attention,” he told BT Sport. "But the coach just a few metres from me – it was special.

"You can feel he’s still a player in his head. You can tell he wants to help us on the pitch and he can’t just sit on the bench.

“Strikers need a human relationship with the coach, it’s nice to have confidence with him and you want to give back.”


Happy for him to have a new experience and a change of environment after giving his all at Arsenal. Gutted we didn’t have any choice to keep him under the circumstances.



Giroud’s child was born in Jan!? Commitment to London makes sense, his wife was pregnant in the summer


I’m no doctor but I believe it’s possible to be both pregnant and living in Cheshire :mustafi:


I assume his first kid is in preschool or some nursery at the time also


You’ve done me up like a kipper :bellerin:





Heh, he did that again today at Southampton.:giroud:


Big Ollie to the rescue .