Olivier Giroud


Wenger on Giroud:

“We owe him a lot,” Wenger said.

“It was linked with the Aubameyang deal and he has just had a third baby so it was difficult on the family side for him to leave London. It was difficult to turn down [Chelsea’s offer] just because it is an opponent,” he added.

“He was massively popular in the dressing room and the club, for all the players that left it was sad to see them go, but Olivier wanted more playing time - he wants as well to go to the World Cup. That is why I opened the door.”


Cuellar hitting back after all the times he was publicly embarrassed over Sanogo, Akpom, Diaby etc., yes lad! :sunglasses:


You know you’re desperate when you start genuinely making up shit (Akpom). Maybe you are a woman after all. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (also when have I ever been embarrassed re: Diaby, lol? Educating the public on a genius that some were incapable of understanding being called “being embarrassed,” is a strange definition, Robincit@)

Over 100 goals in over 250 games for Arsenal. I wonder if the love-in for him would be the same if people were forced to say this every time they mentioned the empty 100 goals stat or forced to mention his G/90 as a starter?

Proclivity for the spectacular speaks to why he has become so overrated.

Indeed, but I’m referring to well before he was sold. Anyways, Walcott, who was an acceptable or even good starter during significant portions of his time here–something Giroud never was–revisionism went from “fuck this guy he’s a cunt” to “okay this guy’s kinda nice maybe or at least I can say so now with the revisionism aspect but yeah glad he’s fucked off”, then you read some of the stuff in this thread, even before the revisionism, and you can see quite clearly why I say he’s the most overrated Arsenal player in my time on this forum.


I am pretty much the opposite of AC.
AC used to love him so much and now calling him crap (if not shit)
I used to hate Giroud so much, but now admitted that he is a great servant; and sad to see him leaving.


Diaby is the most overrated player in your time on this forum. The evidence I present is your cringey username


Diaby is grossly overrated by some Arsenal fans. People who took about what could have been clearly forget the endless frustration he caused us and the terrible inconsistency. He was a good player, but I don’t buy that his ceiling was anywhere near as high as some people believe.


But don’t fear, I’m still fighting that good fight! :fist:t5:


Even though I hoped it turned out differently for him cliché or not it was very much the case of a player becoming better with every game they didn’t play.


Honestly, when Cuellar joined the forum, I thought he was one of the rare intelligent posters on here, however, now, looking at his beliefs towards Sanogo, and Diaby, it is very unusual to find someone who really is that gullible…and not only because of his manlove toward the 2 aforementioned players, but to then come out and diss Olivier…well, that really takes the biscuit…
The lad has no options but to leave us in peace, and go and support Marseille? if Abou has not been injured for them, which is very likely…I mean, he got feckin injured for everybody else…but hey, he’s still better than Giroud…lololol


AC also used to be an analytical optimist; then lost most that as well.


Don’t know where Ronnie got my love for Giroud, he made that up. I liked him when we signed him (but wasn’t on the forum then and I doubt ronnie was) and had hopes for him but quickly realised he wasn’t very good, and part of being an analytical optimist was recognising he wasn’t very good, as anyone analytical would be forced to admit, after a season worth of sample size, and especially two, and especially three, etc.

I’m still very much an analytical optimist. Just a little less blind in my optimism.


That Bradford thing was definitely some kind of analytical optimism


That’s the thing about AC.
He is always on extreme end of spectrum.

If he likes something, he will defend stuff like Bradford (although I agree that we created a lot of chances) but once he makes up his mind about disliking something, there is no looking back either.


Loads of counter examples to this sentence…Iwobi, Ramsey, etc. etc.

Wording things strongly and not equivocating and mincing words under the guise of being rational and analytical and always being on the extreme end of the spectrum are two different things. People just struggle to tell them apart.


On general note, I agree with this statement.


Strange signing by Chelsea, they already had Batshuayi and he scored twice last night, plus he’s more of a laugh


And something I forgot until recently, Chelsea own Tammy Abraham. Very unnecessary signing.





Seeing Giroud score for them hurts my heart