Olivier Giroud


Nah this video was apparently done when he got that 100, he scored a couple after.


Yeah thought he got a couple against Huddersfield


Could not have given the slightest fuck.


Have said it a few times here in the past. Given what we paid for him, Giroud gave us more than what we could have expected. He was never world class, but he was never average either. Had a few special moments and saved our skin quite a few times with last minute goals. Was a proper professional, never cribbed or made a big deal about not being started this season. He will remain a fan favourite IMO and I hope when he comes to the Emirates next, the fans sing his name. The guy deserves it. Wish him all the best for the future, except of course, when he plays us.

Thanks Olivier!!!


The song over the top makes it sadder. It’s as if he has died :cry:


Always liked Giroud. Limited in ability, but still managed to score a fair few and for what we spent on him I think he did well. Thanks Olivier!


The thing about Giroud is if you put him in a team with David Beckham type crosser he’d be much more prolific. The only time he got that type of service was a period when Ozil was putting in crosses for him but it was rare.

He also got 30+ goals in the whole of 2015 before his goal drought

Still he’s only missed as a sub, when he was starting we generally won’t happy were we?


So what?


No, nobody was happy. Every summer when he was our main striker the consensus was “we need a striker” which is why people say things like he was never meant to be first choice, just the backup, which I agree with but is also why I can’t relate to eulogising his loss when he’s now third choice. He fits into the Walcott category of done some good shit but we don’t need you anymore.

He blew hot and cold every other month, couldn’t be bothered to close down and got outmuscled by shit defenders and sat on the floor whining about it. That was my biggest gripe with him. Everything else I could accept, but that’s what made me go off him most. And it was infuriating because some days he could be bothered to close down and he could totally bully shit defenders and he looked very good. He had those strengths but half the time never used them so I don’t know why people have convinced themselves he’s some kind of target man because he’s tall because a lot of his game is using pace to get across defenders for a one touch finish so I don’t think he’s as immune to decline as people may think (I’m not saying he’s declined at all but he is 31.5).

The best thing he did was improve. I will say we’ve sold a better player than we bought and at no time did I ever feel he was going backwards like others may have which is impressive for a 5 year career for a 26 year old, especially when you consider his role under Wenger has been pretty shit. I mean he was actually dropped for Sanogo as an Arsenal player, and Wenger tried Podolski, Welbeck, Walcott etc. up top in place of him while he was here so I think it takes some character to not just sulk at that (although IMO he should have gone and found himself a move away sooner).

But I think it’s been so long since he’s been a starter in a semi-functional team (I won’t blame him for our toothless attack last year when he got a run towards the end) that some may have forgotten how pissed off he used to make most of us pretty regularly.


I dare say you ‘gave’ a fuck when Giroud popped up with the important goals and the few worldies he got.
Selective memory ?


Nah, my memory is fine. I remember a couple of worldies from Denilson too and I didn’t even bother checking where he moved to after his loan ended :wink:

If the rule is you must give a fuck about any player that ever scored then alright, I give a fuck.


You know he is gonna score against us next season, don’t you?


It was weird watching MOTD and seeing Giroud on the bench for us and then a little while later, in the same programme, seeing him sitting in Chelsea gear with his new team mates.



I should ban you for even posting a link to that filthy website


Fight me Jakey :boxing_glove:


That’s going to be an enjoyable thing to not read ever


So pleased we’ve finally sold this guy, and we’re finally moving on players like him and Coquelin and Walcott (though it’s hard to put Walcott in this category given he is clearly a higher level of player than the two aforementioned, it was time to move him on). Didn’t think I’d see it happen this soon, really gives hope for a post-Wenger future. Not sure wtf was going on in the summer but Gazidis has seemingly brought the people in needed to make the kind of decisions necessary to be a functional club/put the kind of pressure on Wenger needed to make the right decisions.

As for Giroud, easily the most overrated Arsenal player in my time on this forum. Flamini before everyone realised he was in fact shit being a close 2nd.




I don’t know about overrated. He’s an affable guy who scored over 100 goals for our club with a proclivity for the spectacular.

Most people were acutely aware of his limitations and wanted him upgraded for a long time. But as a 2nd or 3rd choice, I think the majority were happy with his level. And there is always a degree of revisionism when a player is leaving. Let’s not forget that Giroud went through various phases of taking stick from the fans and the crowd in the stadium being audibly frustrated with his performances.

Flamini is a different story. We were such a pack of giant pussies before he re-signed with us that the mere sight of a sliding tackle got the fan base rock hard and dripping with pre-cum.