Olivier Giroud


You little rascal :blush:




And that is exactly how he got in trouble with the mrs!


Imagine if we were discussing women’s football and a guy was being as creepy as Pheobica.
Imagine the outrage. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, he’d nutmeg you real easy.


Nah on here it’d be totally fine.

I definitely remember there being some sexualised banter around Anouk and others!


I am only kidding but here majority are guys.
I bet if we said something sexual on a general forum where they are enough liberals, they would have lost their shit.
“Men can never see the talent she has, they only concentrate on boobs” or something like that


It’s like you’ve decided you want to have that debate and are trying to engineer the situation lol


Nah I wouldn’t have put a smiley.
I am just jesting


Here we go again! :facepalm:


I’m a woman but the only womens football player I can name is Marta, it just is nowhere near as popular as mens football, so I wouldn’t really blame men for it after all they’re programmed to be creepy :stuck_out_tongue:


Underrated as fuck


I can see him catching Platini by the end of his international career.


Nah, remember all the Snooties on here Cristo, he’s just an average striker that was never good enough for Arsenal. Believe them when they say this, because they know more than you do about football :+1:


Giroud is a good striker but he has also played in front of some of the best midfielders in Europe, when he was here, and certainly for France.
He could easily get to forty or more goals, and will probably get a few at the World Cup because I expect France to go a long way.


He’s a worse player than van Persie and Aubameyang.

I don’t think it’s that farfetched to suggest we could’ve done better at a time we were sitting on £150 million in cash.


The fact that he takes maximum advantage of the Benzema drama at the French national team doesn’t change the fact that he is an average striker whatsoever.


I just find it interesting how we’re always ready to shine the spotlight on really good players that don’t reach their ceiling at Arsenal, yet when a merely ‘good’ one comes along that reaches his and goes onto exceed expectation for us, praise for him is strangely absent


How is he an average striker when he’s in the top 4 all time scorers with absolute legends like Henry, Trezeguet, Platini and Zidane?!

In all likelihood by the time he finishes his career he’ll be second only to Thierry Henry.

He’s been doing the business in a struggling Chelsea side too.


The fact he never managed to score more than 16 goals for Arsenal in a single league campaign says everything about OG12.

He had his positives but he was quite simply not good enough to take us forward.

His record for France is fine but I don’t use international goalscoring records as mitigation for substandard club goalscoring records.

In an era where Vardy can score 20+ league goals I’m not sure how it’s difficult to accept that’s Arsenal fans were right for wanting much more than we got from Giroud.


31goals for your country is no mean feat .
Very underrated player .
Big Ollie , top bloke