Olivier Giroud


GOAT slides. GOAT celebrations

This last one the best though :arteta:


looks so much better when shaved.


lol no. The beard is ALPHA. I remember him hitting a bit of form when he changed his hair one time, and also when he got the beard in.



The beard is ICONIC


Always had a man crush on Giroud…very sad to see him go…I’ll just have to move on!


I want him back he was the best plan b




The internet today has been amazing


I would imagine Chelsea supporters will be fuming at that lol.


I’m interested to see how they use him. Will he get the first team games there he wants?

I feel like this transfer didn’t really need to happen.


Chelsea have Morata, and that’s it. He’ll get plenty of games.


In 1.5 seasons Michy played less than 600 minutes. Could argue Giroud is more of a Conte type forward than Michy but Conte is notorious for rotating very little.


I wonder how Giroud will even fit in there, seeing as he’s a consummate professional and is joining up with pricks like Hazard who are about to collectively down tools and shaft their manager for the 2nd time in 3 years


Good luck Giroud , we’ll MISS you .
Giroud is joining a Champions League winning club
A team driven with a fighting spirit ( 0-3 tonight tho )
A team that CAN win the league .
Good luck big Ollie .


Just saw him in a Chelsea shirt on SSN. A little bit of sick came up.



@Phoebica @sevchenko @Robin_L


Anyone else felt sick seeing Giroud in blue ?


Fucking Wenger, sell Auba and Laca and buy back Walcott and Giroud.


That goal he scored against Tottenham to win it the night before we signed Ozil was pretty awesome, gotta admit.


He didn’t end on 100 goals exactly did he?