Olivier Giroud


Bye Oli. Thanks for everything. Hope you fail hard man.



Best goal for me would have to he the one Vs United. he struck that so well. Scorpion kick was outrageous but I loved the United one more.


I’ll be honest I’ve never been to an away game with Giroud and seen how he is post game. So you’re probably right on that one


The United one for me as well. Fantastic strike.


Maybe we just ain’t got room for two scorpions:(:disappointed:

How’s Phoebica bearing up?




Like this



Time to move on. He is still in London after all ahahah! :poldi:


As long as you haven’t got your arm wrapped around a blow up doll with Giroud’s face attached to it, that’s fine.


I don’t think she’s all that bothered.
She says she’s moved on, and there are plenty more fish in the sea and that she likes her new blue football shirt.
Whatever that means.




what do you want Pheobica a personally worded love letter specially for you…jeeeeeeez! :henry2:


Fucking marry him FFS! :xhaka:


Yes! After 5 years, I want him to make me feel like I mattered!

Though, he has my name written across his heart, that will have to do.


A little gutted by this. I like Ollie G. It’s all his wife’s fault.


Can’t decide if I should unfollow him on Twitter and Insta. :thinking:

As even though he’s joined Chelsea I still like him :joy:


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As much as he frustrated me being the no 1 option he gave good service to the club given the price tag and his limitations.


I can’t help but feel cheated. I’m hurt by this move but was indifferent to shancez


What an odd day. Absolutely hyped to the balls by PEA, but absolutely gutshot about Ollie