Olivier Giroud






Funny how someone can instantly become remarkably uglier in the face just by patting a badge, isn’t it?


@Luca_from_Italy is particulrly happy about this one lol





This is your chance mate.


Nice to see the ‘I hate Giroud’ gang out in force.

Pipe down and show some respect for a cult hero


I’m gonna be one of the loudest ones unfortunately.


Why the fuck would I pipe down when he’s finally gone? When that’s exactly what I wanted…


Well Big Ollie has finally gone. Bit weird seeing him in a Chelsea shirt tbh lol.


If these people want their wives to be banged by someone else… go find Terry.


Pathetic message. He better do another one, more heartfelt and longer!


Rub it in much…



There is no doubt in my mind he’d rather be playing for Arsenal than Chelsea, he’s about as much of an Arsenal man (for a non-Londoner) as you can get. He had a great rapport with the away fans on the good days, I would know seeing as I went to enough of them. So sorry @SRCJJ but you are kinda possibly definitely wrong there. He’s gotta do what’s right for his career though and we’ve upgraded, so I wish him the worst of luck at Chelsea and I hope he gets out of that shit club as soon as possible.

Also if they dare co-opt Giroud’s song…:mask:


You can see the hurt in his eyes imo


watching his arsenal goal compilations now with tears, tissues and chocolate

Interpret that how you will


So has he. From the Europa League to the Champions League :smile:


As for tapping the badge, he’s at a Chelsea unveiling. What would you like him to do?

“Hi Chelsea fans, just so you know I’d kinda rather be playing for Arsenal and I’ve come to learn in my 6 years here that you’re a pretty small time nothing club, but hey I need you and you need me so let’s make do. Also my wife was wondering where the boutiques are on the King’s Road?”


Not tap the badge.


It’s just what footballers do, they don’t assume any consequences, it might as well be an involuntary reaction.


He just got used to tapping the badge when here at Arsenal, he did it yesterday when he headed over to the away fans after the game.