Olivier Giroud


Thank you Ollie.

Your long goal droughts were satisfying, your ability to get thrown on the floor by any centre back over six foot will never be repeated and your supreme ability to turnover possession will be missed.

Farewell old friend. Now you are a Chelseaite my agenda against you now feels legit.



Thank fuck he’s finally gone.




Giroud is December on the calendar :cry:

We’ve now sold January, August and December. But at least Mr October is staying


We got Ozil and Auba now :wink:


Trion actually flagged this post ffs.


they probably found it hard getting a photo of Cech where he wasn’t actually making a mistake


It worked :joy:
The post is gone.

Sorry @Electrifying


No it hasn’t mate. That was an accident. I thought I pressed delete and ignore your flag.


He patting the fucking badge



His beard is shit.
Seen better.


Poor Jade! Guess you died inside here!


@Bl1nk Move it already!


Giroud seen smiling with Chelsea shirt.

It’s too much to take for one forlorn OA member.



I’d like to think of him as Agent Giroud :wink:


He’s patting the badge because he really isn’t an Arsenal fan lol


I have done this. Time to move on. Never thought he was all that handsome in the first place and Mkhi’s scorpion goal was better and totally onside.




Great. Now I can rip even more into him when he’s starting for the French national team when he shouldn’t.