Olivier Giroud


100%, Aubameyang doesn’t happen if Giroud doesn’t go to Chelsea. So there was a need.


Olly left because he clearly needed to play to be at the next WC.


Except the Giroud deal isn’t quite done yet. So if we pull the plug it means Aubameyang has to go back to Dortmund?



Send fax with Demba Ba’s face on it at 23:59 pls

Articulates exactly why Giroud is my favourite player here


And why I will miss him soon much


Bad bad business!
I liked big Olly , he offered us something different when we needed it . Another bad mistake from all involved .
Good luck Olly


To be fair, it was the whole team choked.
Honestly, Giroud missed more sitters in his first 3 seasons with us.
The year that Leicester won, he was not that bad. It was the whole team, including Wenger choked.


The words “book balancing” are written on the inside of Wenger’s eyelids.

Every time he blinks, it reminds him not to spend more than he sells.




@Bl1nk you can move this now


Bleach my fucking eyes right now!




That is a forced smile


That looks worse than when I saw RVP in a Man U shirt or Cesc in a Barcelona shirt.

I was expecting those pictures, but there is something creepy about seeing Giroud smiling, and holding a Chelsea shirt.


as much as I loved that we signed Auba, seeing him in a Chelsea shirt really hurts


That’s broke my heart !


Thank you Giroud.
Thank you for your service and good bye.
Hopefully Germany will teach you guys a lesson in the WC… :slight_smile:


Imma miss this beautiful fabulous bastard :cry:



Ah, man this Theo & Giroud transfer are so weird for my head.

I want them gone but it bothers me that they are gone.


as MM said earlier, that does look like a forced smile. I’m the expert after working in a shop


If I have to look away when that picture comes up I can’t imagine what @Phoebica must be feeling like.

He is going in my Fantasy team.
Conte will play to his strengths, and I can see him scoring regularly.


I can’t move it :disappointed: