Olivier Giroud


No agreement between Arsenal & Chelsea for Olivier Giroud, according to Sky


Come on, fall through, you know you want to


Logic dictates that we should take the money.

But get fucked Chelsea.


“I am told by sources at Chelsea that if the Giroud deal does not go through, and there is still some debate about the price, then Batshuayi will not be going to Dortmund.”

Could really be Dortmund that get fucked


Image him staying in the end :giroud:



Leaving still, probably



I’ll miss big oli.


should probably just sell him to Dortmund, he’s better then Batshuyi


Batshuayi is already @dortmund so they will sign Oli.


Big gamble for him, he’s got 6 months guaranteed and then luck of the draw whether Conte’s replacement likes him or brings in his own strikers for 18/19


:santi: :cry:


If he can get into the World cup squad maybe get a few starts then it’s a move that’s paid off. Beyond Russia 2018 not much matters in terms of his club career.

Can easily see him going to West Ham tbh


Yeah and Chelsea will probably manage to sell him for more than we do!


I think he makes the World Cup squad regardless.

But he’ll play a decent amount at Chelsea, Morata isn’t quite acclimatised to the rigours of the league yet.


At first I wasn’t concerned about the his move to Chelsea but if tactician like Conte has a plan and use for him that’s very concerning.


It’s the best deal they could have done regarding target men barring Dzeko, he’ll be a good signing for them even if only a brief stint.


I’m not that fussed about losing him. Tactically yes it’s nice to have that tank of a man come on in the 70th minute when cbs are tired, he usually dominates. However, I won’t ever get over that dry spell he had when we lead the league and bottled it to Leicester. We needed him to step up and cement himself as a club legend and he choked. Wish him well at the world cup.




Took some time but finally getting rid of him. :clap: :clap:


Ah shit news this.

Purely book balancing. No real need to sell, particularly to rivals.

He’ll score the winning goal against us at thr Emirates next season