Olivier Giroud


Not the first time


Is it confirmed?


His goals and assists were beautiful tbh

We need to have respect here. He wasn’t world class but he was a good servant to the club.


Gutted he can’t stay. Top servant to the club. We could be in for a rude awakening when we find out that despite having the pace of Aubameyang our team still can’t play any passes in behind.

When Giroud came on we immediately played it to feet then the give and go’s started happening. Unfortunately this is the only way we seem to play. Our team currently has no idea how to utilise any other type of striker.


So just to clarify Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Wilshere and Ramsey can’t play through balls? And who’s making these runs they’re supposed to be picking out?



Fuck chelsea


Alright you got me. I just can’t recall any striker other than Giroud getting any synergy with our midfield in recent years. Walcott had a short stint where he was stretching sides and Alexis did similar but that’s about it. I don’t think it’s more likely we’ll do anything other than play to Auba’s feet even if he makes those deadly runs.


He has served us well. Scored some really important goals and overall was a bargain at 12m in hindsight.

I think most of the dislike was generated more because of seeing him as a RvP replacement rather than him being an average player, but fair play to him he did his best for us and over a 100 goals in 5 seasons is pretty good.

I would wish him good luck but he is a Chelsea cunt now so good bye and hope you score zero goals there Oli.


So what’s the word?


Apparently left the training ground in tears


Seriously? The move must have fallen through and he’s been told he’s staying at Arsenal then!


Now Auba has signed on the dotted line, we don’t have to sell Giroud to Chelsea anymore, right? What are they gonna do about it?! :sunglasses:


If the Batsuayhi loan-deal has a recall clause they could bring him back. Which would royally fuck Dortmund.




Giroud leaves this club as Ozil favourite assist recipient


Not our problem :smile:




Let’s block Giroud’s transfer now to fuck Chelsea over.

Lets Lets




OllieG is family. You don’t send your family to Chelsea. :frowning_face: