Olivier Giroud


He certainly succeeded in helping us lower the bar at this club. Going from once great strikers to Giroud and being content with that for four years is pretty much why we find ourselves in the position we are in.

Hopefully the Auba era will set things right.


Scored or assisted in each of his 3 FA Cup Finals, not sure if Henry ever assisted in a final but he certainly didn’t score in one.

So I think we all know who the :goat: really is




Nah that’s the people trashing Godroud.


He is a decent player but any decent striker playing in front of Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil could have done what he did.

He would have been brilliant as cover for a world class striker, so it’s a shame when we do get one, he has to leave.






Have to admit I found that :cry:

What a fucking ending to his Arsenal career :joy:


Good riddance.




pretty much official now


Au revoir mon petit poulet :weary:


probably the player I will miss most out of the ones we’ve sold in the last few years, bye Giroud


Can’t forget his goal drought in 15/16, it was an absolute killer, if we had Lacazette that season we would’ve won the title


No we wouldn’t have, Lacazette has currently scored about 1 in 12 as we speak.


So basically, what Giroud did in a SSS of 3 games (2 of which were against Hull and Villa, and 2 of which he came off the bench) > What Giroud did in 250+ games

Glad we’re making sense here. :slight_smile:


Goodbye Olivier :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t wanna move his thread!


Wtf are you on about I was making a joke fucko


Ah fair enough, in this Giroud wankfest it becomes hard for me to figure out who’s serious and who’s not.


I claimed that Giroud was our GOAT instead of Henry, really fucking obvious I was joking mate haha


Haha AC has made himself look a right mug here