Olivier Giroud


Arsenal will now get relegated :frowning:

Also why does my new favourite emoji never show up on here :weary:


Girls desperate. Lollllll!


Me too.

I pictured him in a Chelsea shirt now and that shit hurt. :santi:


As much as I would have liked to have seen Giroud stay here, I’m glad we will be seeing him in a Chelsea shirt rather than Aubameyang.


Lol who put the :cry: in the title.

Seems like he’s off then. Thanks and goodbye Ollie!


That emoticon :rofl:


Tho Giroud frustrates me at times he’s a great assist to the team and will be sorley missed. Though I would have expect him to turn down Chelsea


Good luck Olli - well, not too much of it in front of goal.:giroud:



Contrary to reports, Olivier Giroud has arrived with the Arsenal squad at the Liberty Stadium for tonight’s Premier League clash with Swansea City.

YES! He’s still with us :giroud2:




I suppose that’s goal.com sources for you I guess.

I’ll be watching the Swansea game with huge interest, not cos it’s Mkhi’s first game, but because it will be this legend’s final one.

Score a goal to mark it you hero :cry::sob:


Been saying this for weeks, since Greek Guy joined


Unless it’s spurs or Man U’s goal :wink:

Me too.
It’s too much of a coincidence that we have just appointed someone to sort out our embarrassing transfer windows and we then have one of the most exciting windows we’ve seen.


He’s been brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed having him at the club and I will miss him. Never really agreed with the many criticisms, I think some people were just angry with him for being something he isn’t. He led the line and did it well at a time when the club weren’t willing or able to do what it would take to sign someone in the top bracket in that position.

100 goals for Arsenal is a great achievement for any player and proves he should be remembered fondly. Where he’s going is a shame but at the end of the day it’s not for any mercenary reason.

Besides, moves between Premier League clubs at all levels are going to have to become the norm because of the financial bubble our league exists in. I think all of. The top 6 are going to have to get more comfortable doing business with each other.


Just echoing Leper’s view above. Think overall he’s been great for us, and is clearly a player who loved wearing the shirt. Definitely a player worth a big cheer even in scummy Chelsea colours.


I’m not sure brilliant is the word I’d ever use to describe a man who never managed to score more than 16 goals in a league season at Arsenal.


I’d say you can say that in direct proportion to his ability.

Not he’s fault he was #1 for so long but we’ve had a lot out of him despite his limitations.


I get where you’re coming from but I won’t judge his performances in proportion to his ability but rather against the standard I’ve come to expect at this club. And he always fell way short of that standard in my opinion.


Why is scoring a bit more than 100 goals in 250+ game an accomplishment? All while being the starting striker for most of that time.


That’s a fair viewpoint as well, I’ll remember him fondly but at the same time his spell at the club has been the most frustrating for a fan or close enough.

The standards were definitely dropped with regard to past players despite his contributions to cup wins and the like.