Olivier Giroud


Exactly. Auba seemed to fly over in record time today.

Unless Giroud moves house, it will actually take him longer to drive to Cobham, Chelsea’s training ground!


Jade Chelsea season ticket holder :ozil2:





Considering Chelsea were looking at Carroll and Crouch, that is a pretty good deal for them.
They are getting a France first choice striker and a PL experienced player.


Everton should come back for Giroud. I mean is Liverpool really that bad of a place to live?




My former boss in England told me it is beautiful. But he was a Liverpool fan :rofl:


Rather stab myself in the ears than have to hear that Scouse accent on a regular basis.




Ivan and Sven! :giroud2:


Journos spouting bollocks, if he can sell to United what’s the difference selling a player surplus to requirements to Chelsea with whom relations have softened over the last few years?

No way Wenger is not calling the shots re transfers whilst he’s still in charge.


Yes Wenger even said Giroud was given the option to leave in the summer


I like this guy and certainly wouldn’t want to see him leave .


Don’t leave me this way
I can’t survive, I can’t stay alive
Without your love, no baby

Don’t leave me this way
I can’t exist, I will surely miss your tender kiss
So don’t leave me this way

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:




Don’t know wtf this says so i’ll trust this guy


Also apparently Giroud has left the team hotel. In Swansea to sort this out.

RIP @Phoebica


Jokes. I’d rather sell my Nan than Giroud!


I am envious now.


Looooool @Santi&Lukasz



Argh I’m sad he’s leaving