OA fantasy football 2018/19


Bring me in fella


Me too please :innocent:


So you are starting with 3 players who will not play in the 1st round ? :slight_smile:


Wait who’s not playing?


Vardy an debruyne


I can’t see shit on google mate. Why would they not play?


Managers have confirmed they’re getting time off from the World Cup


They have just started pre season trainning in the last week


My team name: He’s a Kepa :smirk:


I’ve just chosen a team in about 6 minutes for the sake of it.


Shit. You’re on to my strategy.


Dolly Barton FC :grin:

To captain Sanchez or not? He’s looked good in pre-season, but it’s Mourinhoball :thinking:


I’m still debating on whether to include him in my team or not. Not sure about anyone from United other than de Gea.


I think there’s more value elsewhere, Sanchez has been looking good but United as a team? They’re looking suspect.

Then again he’s the kind of player that can play well surrounded by dross, role up top may suit him.


Three must haves are Salah, Sir Auba and Augero the rest down to personal choice.

Kane and Salah together take up like half the budget on two players haha


I haven’t got Salah.

I don’t know if Aguero is a must have, I have him at the moment but I’m not sure if he’ll play every game or if Pep will rotate him and Jesus.


Salah with 50%+ ownership is a must and first name on my sheet. I have Aguero for now as he’s likely to start with WC players not ready. Still debating on Auba, want him, but these 3 are costly. If I went with Sanchez, he’d be a holding place for the return of KDB or another City MF who will be late back.


Please send me the code


Yes, I need the code for.this


Yeah what is the code ? Might slot my team in potentially…