OA fantasy football 2018/19


Well after plenty of chopping an changing throughout the day I have settled on this team.

Mina only £5mil :grin:



How dare you steal my front line. And my Goalie. And some of my midfield!!!


Does anyone know who out of Button and Steele is Brightons 2nd choice gk?

As I’ve got Ryan as my gk and want his backup so I’ve always got a gk


They’re both new so hard to know. But I’d guess at Button. Steele was a freebie and is getting on a bit and he was appalling for Sunderland last season.

Just looked Button up, he has certainly been around :laughing:


Yeah have Button already but just wanted to make sure haha


Game time… bitches


Can I get the league code, cheers.


The person who got has the highest score on the whole of FPL worldwide triple captained Shaw. Why on earth would anyone do that?!


He is fucking match fixing isnt he? Does he have connections to the mob? :arteta:


3 DM’s score and Cairney does fuck all and he’s “attacking” :thinking:


I have Wan-Bissaka on my bench. He got a clean sheet, an assist and 3 bonus points :sob:


I had Pogba and Neves in my team. Swapped them last minute on Friday :man_facepalming:


Not really bothered about wan bissuku on my bench as I’ll never play him tbh. He’s just cheap bench fodder


Yeah I swapped out Neves for Wilshere haha


Well I have Richarlison, so at least I have some points – finally!


Richarlison riding my bench. The cunt.



Yeah, for fucking Arsenal players that’ll all be -1s tomorrow :jakey:


Stuck Richarlison in with last minute changes, as well as David Luiz. Got points from both.

On 34 at the moment with 4 to play tomorrow, including my captain. But if only I would’ve captained Richarlison- he could’ve been a huge differential. Here’s hoping Salah does just as well, if not better.