OA fantasy football 2018/19

Not long now till the season starts :grin::grin:. So who’s in for fanstasy football I will inbox you the code so we dnt have a league full off none members again.


Oh what the heck I’ll give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in.
As reigning champion I have to try and defend my title :sunglasses:


I’ll join in. It’s 5 years+ since I played this (properly at least) so I think it’s time I made a pathetic return!

I’m in, hopefully i’ll do better than last season

Finished 2nd last season.


Need to improve badly this season :xhaka:

What are the rules?

I’m in = but I don’t know wtf I signed up for :arteta:

Can’t wait to join and make a team and never log back in again. Bring it on.


Invite please.

In again but don’t know why I try as eventually I lose faith in my team and just keep plunging lower as the season goes on to the point I end up not giving a fck and then getting ready to give it all a go again for next season.

Why the fck do I do this to myself :crazy_face:

I’m in too.

Can’t possibly do worse than Spain did in the WC.

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Count me in!

Can’t wait for the season to start!


I’ll take an invite please.

Just a quick team to get set up. I’m sure it’ll change a lot over the next couple of weeks.

My team at the minute site it will be swapped an changed as transfer come in an out

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I’m in.


I’m not sure Neves will be good for fantasy football. He is a suberb player and dictates a lot of the play (he often assists the assist), but in terms of FPL points he wouldn’t be my first pick. He’s a DM (albeit a more attacking one), sure his freekicks can be sexual and he’ll get a few goals (probably thunderbolts), but that and assists aren’t really his game. He only got one assist in the league last season – to go with his 245 yellow cards.