OA fantasy football 2018/19

Thank you for the input. I had neves an Jota but wasn’t sure which one to keep so dropped jota. But dnt like my midfield but finding one is hard with the World Cup players will still be out for a couple off weeks

Jota was their top scorer last season and he also got quite a few assists.

Yeah the WC thing is really annoying. The likes of Kane, Lukaku and KDB all likely to miss the first couple of games. I’m struggling with my strikers, i’ve got Auba obviously – but not sure who else to go with.

Go cheap on strikers and spend big on midfielders like Salah, Eriksen, Sanchez, Ozil, etc, and then wait to see what strikers are in form after a few games.

Most of my points last season came from midfield and a few defenders that scored or made assists.
Attacking Liverpool players usually score loads of points.

Not sure if Jota will perform in the prem but will see how he does in preseason.

I gone for tosun an Zaha because I know they were cheap an will score just hope tosun starts more this this

That’s what I did, bigger on midfield with only Auba being my heafty striker. I will still make changes in the coming weeks, but Auba and Salah will definitely remain.

I considered Tosun, but I’m worried about him starting. I do have Zaha. With rumours in Italy suggesting WHU might be open to selling Arnoutavic, I might make a change there.

I may keep Wilshere. Very cheap right now and he can sit the bench. But I’m hoping he starts with Lanzini possibly missing the start of the season.

I need to have a look at schedules as well. The will defo influence changes.

I guess I should take the advice of the reigning champion :laughing:

I’m gonna go rogue and leave Salah out though, on the basis that he can’t possibly be that good again – and he’s bloody expensive.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing about Salah.

I never eithen thought of Wilshire but his injury problems put me off.

Mehrez is another big loss because I just don’t see him starting every game.

I tend to keep one really cheap midfielder who may never be in my team, so i figured why not him. He’s £5m.

Mahrez? I could see him having Sterling struggle to get back in.

That’s a coincidence, I did just that.
The money I saved from not having Salah, I spent on Aubameyang and Eriksen.
Surely he can’t have as good a season as he did before.

Really unsure about having Long there, but he’s been rather reliable and gets his goals and assists. But not always as a starter.
lol that Salah is considered a midfielder, but I spent most my money on the midfield which I think is good.

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Madine is just a cheap squad filler who I’ll never use so don’t really care if he plays or not haha

Edit yeah invite me please @Lister86 :slight_smile:

Please invite. Thanks.



I don’t think you should bother Luca, you’re rubbish at it :wink:


I’m rooting for you Luca.