OA fantasy football 2018/19


Is Alexander-Arnold going to be a starter for Liverpool?


Ok, Lacaboom it is then!

Thanks for the heads up babez


Shit team made by a shitcunt :+1:



Ended up going Firmino after the bad news about Vardy instead of Laca. Don’t want to be too dependent on Arsenal strikers hahaha



Very tempted by Tarkowski!

However even Allison can’t save Liverpool from their own awful defence


I can’t think of many other solid defences outside of the top 4 that don’t leak many goals, so Tarkowski was my decision. The rest of my defenders are fullbacks where they should earn points from assists. I have De Gea as a safeguard. Might swap Allison for Ederson perhaps.


Only have 5M left for my 4th starting midfielder. Currently on Jorginho but know he’s a DM so wont get any assists or goals from him but can’t think of anyone better haha.


Have you already for Cairney for Fulham? He’s a good option for £5m. Some people have gone for Kenedy at Newcastle, but Newcastle’s first group of matches are pretty hideous.


Seri I think is 5.5M if you can juggle a couple of players around.


Is he not the same as Jorginho? Or is he more attacking


He sort of switches between CM and AM. And some have said that with Seri coming in, Cairney could be pushed even more forward. It’s hard to know really until the season starts and we see how everyone is setting up etc.

But it’s £5m. That’s not going to get you much – though a hidden gem will likely present itself at some point.


I’d like to play @Lister86


I’ve gone for Ruben Neves as my 5m option in midfield :relieved::relieved:


A lot of people have done that, but he’s a DM so won’t always be amongst the points. But when he does score it’s usually a cracker.

I’ve cheapskated my defence so my cheapest midfielder is £6.5. No pauper midfielders for me :sunglasses:


Ahh fuck I thought I was so clever because I thought he was a winger hahaha

Moutinho it is then :joy: :laughing:


I won’t even put scum players in my fantasy team.


Mr 5.0 is just the enabler. The other 10 players should bring the proper points in. :sunglasses:


WengersBallers :joy: are in !!


Can I get an invite please.